The holiday season is upon us, with Christmas right around the corner and the New Year’s a few days away. The first thing that comes to mind about this time is the variety of delicious food cooked and served at home for all the family and friends to enjoy. Plenty of elaborate dinners, candies, cookies, snacks, cakes, and pastries have been cooked, baked, and served all these years. 

This year, the families could use a bit of surprise. This situation is where Coles catalogue proves to be the season’s Santa. It provides a beautiful selection of food items, baking ingredients, chocolates, drinks, meats, fruits, vegetables, and inspirational recipes to make this an unforgettable holiday.    

Why is Holiday Food Tradition So Important?

It is hard to think about the holiday season and not have food come into mind. It forms an essential part of the family and friends that help people reconnect with one another. It creates lasting memories for young children and an opportunity for the elders to cherish the times they enjoy together. Holiday meal preparation involves all the family members gathering together, creating delicacies from recipes and wisdom passed on from generations. 

They teach people about their heritage and the stories from the past that could be awe-inspiring. They also give people a chance to be creative, try something new, and prepare fabulous food that is uncommon and overlooked. These days, when most of our day-to-day meals are mostly restaurant-or store-bought, being in the kitchen and cooking at home with loved ones around could be gratifying and uplifting.

What Can Be Cooked this Holiday Season?

When it comes to traditional holiday food, our minds wander to the cold meats and seafood enjoyed at the dinner table, with a few drinks amidst stories and finishing off with some dessert. Here are a few dishes to bring back the memories of the dishes that make the holiday meals, a memorable feast.

1) Turkey and Ham: But Served Cold

With having to stay in the kitchen all day and cook in front of the hot oven, it seems right to have the main meal be prepared in advance and served cold. After all, cold turkey and ham taste delicious even through three or four servings and several days later.

2) Prawns and Oysters: The taste of Christmas

The luxurious oysters or cool and tasty finger food, i.e., prawns are a delicious fit for the holidays. Barbequed or cooked, it would be exciting to get their hands dirty but still have the delightful taste of the seafood in one’s mouth.

3) All Meats: Barbequed

Lamb, chicken, or steaks; pick what to barbeque, and they would be perfect to round off the dinner table filling the air with the sizzle and have everyone tuck into their stomach’s content.

4) Cherries and Berries: Fresh for the Pallet

Adding some freshness to the big feast is a platter full of hand-picked fruits and cherries. They make for a great centrepiece and give a selection for the ones who seek healthy food.

5) Cake, Pavlova, and Trifle: For the Sweet-tooths

An excellent way to round off a mega holiday meal is with a spread of chocolates, light and fluffy pavlovas, cake filled with dried fruits with a little kick of a drink, and multi-layered trifles with the sky being the limit for creativity.   

It would be helpful to check out Coles Catalogue, to add a twist to the meals prepared. It provides various recipes and dishes to choose from to make this year’s feast a mix of tradition and innovation for the whole family to enjoy.   

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