Lift Station Maintenance Tips


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Lift stations are critical components of drainage systems and plumbing operations. It is a pumping station that transfers wastewater to increase elevation. Usually, a wastewater lift station helps sewage collections save substantial money in removal costs for pipes.  

Determining Components and Operations

Some industries ought to overlook the lift stations’ essence despite being in the first line of defense systems. It serves as a principal infrastructure in preventing accidental flows and flooding. Without it, customers may be prone to lawsuits and weak environmental ambiance. Ensuring preventive and monitoring performance would lead to reliable operations and robust facilities.

  • Control Panel

Operators manage the pumps through a transducer level controller. It is a method to take action once a breakage occurs.  It comprises the circuit breakers and wirings, engine starters, pump controller software, and communication projects. Since the control panel is the brain of the arrangement, it is necessary to limit incidents.

Reduce current overload drawn by reducing and eliminating locked pumps, objects caught in the impeller, and water in the motor operations. It is recommended for conductors to be color-coded the same as the panel to attain the best function. It gives identification and shall be permanently affixed to the handle wire terminations.

  • Water Flows

The wet well preserves the water flowing through the drainpipe to pump up and transfer it to the next station. It functions as the receiver for sewerage from construction or establishment. Typically, sewage from individual houses flows into the wet well continuously to reach a predestined level.

It should be cleaned yearly to prevent any build-up of solid substances in the collection system. Check sidewalls for the spalling; once it develops, it would eat the metal in the station. It would be best to repair any concrete as soon as deterioration arises. More importantly, poor construction of large tanks would cause damage to pumps.

  • Float Switches

The floats are intended to be positioned either for a standard open or block. It turns the pumps depending on the trigger that serves as an alarm. There are different types of float in the system, generally set from the bottom to top. The lowest platform shifts all pumps off, while the top float signals the operator about the current condition. Floats in the midday determine that lead and lag pumps.

Additionally, these floats should be cleaned and inspected at least four times a year to ensure proper operations. The solid substances block these floats to poor condition if left unattended. Moreover, it would cause a decline once it doesn’t reach the alarm system.

  • Blubber Systems

These are used to detect the water level by forcing compressed air to flow rate submerged in liquid. Tubes are installed below the water surface so that the air would emerge from the bottom of a stream bubbles. It prevents water from reversing up into the pipe equal to the tube’s outlet pressure. Alarms are triggered if the measure reaches the maximum levels.

Operators should empty the compressor tank regularly. While draining, it is essential to observe the water flow and record the operations. It includes hours and meters when attaching to the containers. Remove grease and concrete objects to prevent lodging of pipes when reducing water levels. The best way to function blubber systems is to avoid the blockage of tubes.

Ensuring Fewer Breakdowns & Pump Concerns

Establishing a more robust foundation on site prevents the breakdown of lift stations and damage to submersible pumps. Here are some recommendations to perform preventative operations against expensive destruction repairs. 

  • Pump out wet wells to prevent the spreading of substances and grease. Thick solid layers cause unpleasant odors and waste to pumps.
  • Ensure safety by checking the condition of electronics and pumps before coming in contact.
  • Inspect the impeller to secure it does not contain any debris or other material that prevents it from working correctly. Clogged impellers do not meet the manufacturer’s specifications. 
  • Light and alarm systems should test their functionality regularly. An inoperative alert system causes damage to construction and may endanger lives.
  • Evaluate control equipment along with its connection parts to ensure appropriate wirings and propellers within the motor.
  • Keep records or history of components for reliable assistance in the future. It helps you to fix troubleshooting concerns immediately by quickly determining the problem within the system.
  • Hire professionals to guide you in maintaining lift stations and overall development of the practice.
  • Prevent mechanical exposure by cleaning basins, covers, and all moving parts that are usually prone to lubricant and substantial build-ups.
  • Practice installing an hour meter on each motor to provide accurate reservation on your engines. 
  • Keep track of preventive maintenance to promote consistency.
  • Install padlocks to panels to secure them from illegal entries. Keep it tamper-free.
  • Check if the vibration of the pumps is odd while cleaning spilled wastewater in lift stations.
  • Remove any sign of rust in the pump frame and repaint it with a similar and long-lasting cover.
  • Keep the hands of the operators away from the electrical components of the panel. Ensure that the control panels are at the right temperature.

Streamline and SCADA Application

It is essential to keep track of operational changes in maintaining lift stations’ performance and preventing chaotic plumbing and construction concerns. Companies ought to include an automated system to access the backbone of the industries. Operational industries switch to supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) to monitor operations using computer systems and telecommunications. Field administrators can access and manage various components without ministering to every field.

Furthermore, Samsara’s SCADA software maintains the safety and formation of infrastructures, power grids, and wastewater lift stations in preventing damages and operational losses. It helps administrators collect and interpret data from mechanical equipment to observe critical measurements, such as temperature, equipment, power usage and controls, and more. 

Overall, SCADA systems can be relatively simple, but they provide services by monitoring environmental conditions. It also includes real-time and on-site data, displayed in logical and organizational analysis. The development of high-level process supervisors enables companies to utilize the function in the most functional method.

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