Lifestyle Hacks for Better Daily Productivity

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We might have 24 hours daily, but you won’t spend it all working at your job (optimally). Sooner or later, the energy levels drop, signaling the time for a break, rest, or sleep. However, many struggle to maintain optimal energy levels and stay productive throughout the day.

Coffee is a common solution to energize the body even when it needs to rest. How you manage your time affects productivity more than how long you stay awake. So, it’s time to consider how you execute your tasks as you would the number of hours you are at them.

Ergonomics, like picking the right office furniture, can enhance posture and boost efficiency. Often, the little things change the playing field and help us achieve our goals. We will review a few simple lifestyle hacks you can do today to be more productive.

6 Lifestyle Hacks to Be More Productive

The day has broken, and it is time to get to your office, site, home office, or wherever you work a legitimate job. You begin the day with so much energy but lose it a few hours into your job. Commuting to your job not only robs you of energy but also time throughout the day. However, it’s possible to optimize your productivity and save time on other activities on your to-do list by engaging in them digitally. For instance, rather than traveling to a brick-and-mortar location, you can access progressive jackpots in casinos online after work. Taking advantage of a simple registration process and sizeable rewards, you can save time on digital entertainment and streamline the rest of your day. This way, you’ll lose an hour or so commuting to your job only, rather than wasting time on miscellaneous activities.  

Overall, the energy drain, the loss of time, and a lack of enthusiasm are common. However, we have other ways to keep the energy going besides caffeine and online activities. That does not mean a cup of tea or coffee in the morning is terrible.

The following lifestyle hacks can make you more productive:

Put the Phone Away Before Sleep

The average person spends a third of their waking time on mobile apps, closing and opening them or scrolling up and down. Nonetheless, we are more concerned about how the smartphone affects your sleep-wake cycles.

Studies suggest that the blue light (from older models) these devices emit affects the production of sleep hormones. That check on one notification during bedtime results in an hour or more of scrolling news feeds.

The reality is that you will wake up tired or, even worse, miss the alarm. That is already an indication of an unproductive day. Once again, we turn to coffee to do the trick that our bodies would have no trouble doing if we kept to our sleep-wake cycles.

Put your phone away before you climb into bed. Better still, pick up a hardcopy book to read. Studies prove that reading a book before going to bed improves sleep quality.

Allow Notifications from Essential Channels

The constant beeps on your phone distract you from the job. You lose momentum once you turn away to pick up your phone to read the notification. In severe cases, you could spend more than ten minutes checking other applications on your smartphone.

Focus is essential to productivity; you won’t get it if your phone beeps every minute. Instead of trying to concentrate when you hear a beep, remove the beep until you are done.

We advise leaving notifications on essential channels, like your work email. You can also leave notifications from family members. The key is removing the ones that you can always check after work.

Kill the fear of missing out (FOMO) if you don’t check that beep now. Trust us when we say that most of them can wait.

Ditch Multitasking

Working on several tasks simultaneously is nothing to be proud of. Multitasking may leave you struggling to get your work done. Your focus gets divided between the tasks in quick succession.

You might also risk losing the ability to make decisions. We recommend focusing on one task at a time.

Walk When You Can

Thirty minutes is enough daily, except if you are into fitness and focused on getting 10,000 steps daily. Walking improves cardiovascular fitness and muscle power. It is an excellent exercise if you don’t have the time to hit the gym weekly.

Your heart will thank you for taking daily walks. Instead of getting a cab for those few blocks, walk on your feet.

Find short distances to and from work to get in the steps. Walking has several benefits, from burning calories to strengthening the heart and boosting metabolism. Ultimately, you will be more productive.

Take Power Naps

A short nap of 20 to 30 minutes can dramatically improve your productivity. Power naps improve cognitive performance, boost logical reasoning, and enhance memory. As a result, you’ll execute tasks more efficiently.

You’ll get bursts of energy and alertness, just as you would with coffee. However, this one is naturally induced instead of through caffeine.

Watch the Calories

Getting too many calories at the start of a day can leave you feeling tired throughout the day. Proteins are recommended for the morning. They can sustain your energy levels longer, especially when eaten with high-fiber carbohydrates and fats.


Build a morning routine to get the most out of it before leaving for work. Cold baths, meditation, stretches, etc. can stir your energy.

Overall, take your nutrition seriously. Cut down on junk food and too many carbs.

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