Cool And Catchy Lifestyle Blog And Blogger Name Ideas


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So one fine day you wake up and decide to write a lifestyle blog of your own after reading and hearing about all the famous lifestyle blogs and bloggers around the world. Well, that was the easy part. The difficult part would be to plan what should you name your blog.

After days of pondering over it your creative juice flows and finally you decide upon a name. But when you run a web search on it, you find it is already registered by someone else. A deep sense of disappointment goes through your mind. You think that your idea of the blog will remain a dream as you hit a hurdle at the first step itself. I bet many of you have gone through this phase!

Cool And Catchy Lifestyle Blog And Blogger Name Ideas

Don’t you worry as we have brought to you the most unique list of the Lifestyle blog and blogger name ideas’ list? We are here to discuss how to give birth to some of the exciting, never-before-heard lifestyle blog idea name ideas to enhance the visibility and popularity of your blog.

Let us begin with the deciding factors:

1. The title has the flavor of the content of your blog:

First and foremost you should decide the nature of the blog. Will it be about fashion, travel, adventure, beauty, cooking, etc. Once decided the name of the blog can be decided on the genre of the blog. The majority of the responsibility goes to the title to grab the target readers’ attention. (Choose A Necromancer Name Here)

For example of a lifestyle blog list are:

  • Travel Blog :
soul travellercampaignerLazy traveller
Travel MarvelSail TrailTrail Star
Go See WriteMom’s MinivanTourist 2 Townie
Solo FriendlyLife CruiserFamily On Bikes
Y Travel BlogOut to AfricaNYCity Mama
Fearful AdventurerAlaska TravelGramWild Junket
Todd’s WanderingsBacon is MagicWandering Educators
Wandering EarlThe Professional HoboUncornered Market
Globetrotter GirlsSharing Travel ExperiencesNomadic Notes
  • Fashion Blog:
TrendsetterFashionable CrazyHigh Fashion Chic
The fashionerTrend BendersBits of Glitz
Fashion FormulaBoutiqoClutch Closet
Cotton StreetPretty PetalsUrban Elites Clothing
The Princess PalaceHaute ClothingJunky Closet
Karen’s ClosetRetro BellaPosh Patterns
Blushing BoutiqueAmerican ThreadsDress To Impress
Fashion GeniusBelizziEdgy Momma
Apple BlossomSyetaCelebrino
Trend BendersVintage DreamsModern Momma
  • Beauty: 
Style n YouStyle meterThe chick who got the chic
Elegance is YouBeautiful YouBeauty Star
You gotta glamourGorgeous faceswice Gloss
Mascara lightupExotic beautyChic sassy
9 salon secretssalon treasuresThe Charis retreats
My beauty StyleGorgeous YouGlamour and the scientist
Smooth musingsCurly womanTiny box of Beauty
Pamper youPretty little stuffIndie prep girls
Organic Touch-upsGlamourholic MomPeace passion
Mysterious sensationsWonder land beautiesDiy beauty blogger

We can check if the name we selected is already registered and if that is the case we can mix and match 2-3 different words and create a new word. Let’s say you are writing a blog on travel as well as fashion you can name it as “The Chic Traveller “. The choice is all yours on how you want to name it but remember that it should be something which is easy to remember and eye-catching.

2. Use the blog name in a different language :

We can also name the blog in a different language other than English. Languages that are commonly spoken and used can be used for the name. For example, the Spanish for the word fashion is ‘la Moda’ so we can name the blog as ‘la Moda blogger’. This may connect with the international audience

Another example if you are into blogging about the adventure you can name the blog ‘nomade adventurous’ which is in Italian that translates to the adventurous nomad in English.

3. Targeting the age group

The lifestyle blog name should target the age group that it is written for. If the target audience is that of a teenager it should be something like a 

A teenager journey of lifeSassy TeenagerThe fashionable Teen
No Bags only FunHigh Flying TeenTeen Fun
Teen YoungTeen YoungKid Advisory
Youth TeenYouth TeenYoung Ideas
Girls YoungGirls YoungGirl Tips
Junior TeenJunior TeenYoung Guide
Young ChallengeYoung ChallengeChild Advice
Girls ProblemGirls ProblemYouth Advisor
Youthful JobYouthful JobOutlet Effect
Young TroubleYoung TroubleFacts Ace

For an adult audience it can be something like:

Lifestyle- Blog- and- Blogger- Name- Ideas
Jolly AdultMature yet kiddishDesigner Parent
Shine with the SunSweetest ThingThe Raw Food Life
Show the truthTeam Family AdventuresThe Skinny Confidential
Sincerely JulesThe Black PearlThe Sweetest Thing
Skinny ConfidentialThe Black Pearl BlogThe Tough and Tumble
Soul of HoneyThe Every GirlThe Unplanned Place
Sphere blogThe Fox and SheThe Unplanned Way
Pure Ramshackle LifeSponge DesignThe Golden Girl
Real Unpredictable LivingSpontaneous Family LifeThe Golden Girl Blog
Retro Green LivingSprouted KitchenThe Lifestyle Blogger

4. Using Humor

As the saying goes ‘Laughter is the best medicine ‘the blog name can be fun as well as creative. However, if the blog is of professional nature these kinds of names may not suit. Some funny lifestyle blog name suggestions can be as follows:

Nappy DaddyHappy & WittyMockingly Serious
Use LevelUse NixonUseaholic
Names PixelHumour VibeHumour Net
Blog VisionNames MassHumour Zone
HumourluxNames VistaHumour Dev
Humour RankNamegyUseium
Blog FuelNames MachHumourzoid
Use InsightNames ArtificialHumour Force
Use CapitalHumouraholicUse Tec
Use CompactHumour DynamicsNames Level

Lifestyle Blogger name ideas 

Sometimes we start the blog with our own name. This may be a simple and easy way to name the blog however this step may backfire as the audience may not be aware of the blog due to the name being not so famous. The name may not be available for the domain as it can be a common name. It will also be difficult to create a demand for the blog as people may not be aware of the same due to its less brand value.

However if you decide to add something else to the name then it may sound interesting and catch the eye. 

For example:

Funny JohnnyTrue SueJack the Rack
2 Cats and ChloeElements of StyleThe Fox and She
A House in the HillsBluebirdKelly In The City
Apartment TherapyDesign MomThe Golden Girl Blog
A Fashion FixGal Meets GlamThe Sweetest Thing
A Paire & A SpareLifestyle Over LuxuryApe to Gentleman
The Every GirlSincerely JulesEllie’s Favourite Things
The Skinny ConfidentialThe LondonerThe Black Pearl Blog
Virtually YoursI Go By KatieKat Got the Cream
Life With MeJoy The BakerCelery and Cupcakes

There is however a big disadvantage of naming the blog with your name as it may be difficult to change the same at a later time as it maybe hectic and not feasible.

Some of the important point while choosing a lifestyle blog name should be:

  • The blog name should be aligned with the vision of the blogger. If you are writing a blog on daily fashion the blog name should not contain matter related to cooking or caring of kids etc.
  • It should be unique. There will be lot of blog names that you will think of but the name should be catchy and different otherwise it will never spark the interest of the reader or audience.
  • Using a blog name generator or Thesaurus .With the help of a thesaurus you can find out some other word that may describe the word you want to use. For example if you want to use the word fashion in your lifestyle blog name you can use the word trend or chic instead which means fashion but hardly used.

By using a blog name generator you can check whether the name you choose is already taken or still available. This will save your time and energy at a later stage.    

  • Taking suggestion from your friends and family. You can always discuss the blog name ideas with your known ones. They may help you by giving valuable suggestion and tips whether the name is appropriate and suitable for the blog. They may also come up with some new names of their own.

Hope these suggestion and guidelines will help you to choose a unique and meaningful lifestyle blog name. The most important part of choosing a blog name is to identify it with something that you believe in.


So what are you waiting for!? Fire those engines, ignite your brain cells and start writing the lifestyle blog that you have always dreamt of. And compliment it with the lifestyle blog names that best suits your blog. We have listed the brightest lifestyle blog name suggestions above which not only sound interesting but also speaks for itself.

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Shashank Jain
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