Let’s Play! Weirdest Games with The Strangest Names

Weird Video Games with Weird Names
Weird Video Games with Weird Names

Weird Video Games with the Strangest Names 

The world of video games is more vast than any of us can imagine. There are hundreds of new games released all the time, some make it to the mainstream, others inevitably fade into obscurity. 

However, there are a number of weird games with very strange names that become well-known simply due to how strange they are. This is a list of very weird games with very weird names. 


Banjo-Kazooie is a strange name for a game, especially when you have no idea what either of those things are. Either way, it was a title released on the Nintendo 64 back in 1998, and has had a large cult following ever since. 

You play as characters Banjo and his bird Kazooie, and you have to stop the evil witch who is trying to steal the beauty of Banjo’s young sister. It plays sort of like Ratchet and Clank, you travel through different worlds and use each character’s abilities to defeat enemies. 

Priest Simulator

There are a few simulator games on this list, but one of the strangest is Priest Simulator. Simulator games range from Painting Simulator to Hand Simulator, with the majority of them being incredibly strange and pointless. 

Priest Simulator is one of the strangest, as obviously you play the part of a priest. You have to do sermons, teach people about God, do exorcisms and just be the best priest you can be. You wouldn’t think the world of simulators would get stranger. 

PaRappa the Rapper

PaRappa the Rapper is a game where you take control of PaRappa who, you guessed it, raps. He is mentored by an onion who is a martial arts expert who also raps, and you have to follow their lines in order to progress through the story. 

In essence, it is a rhythm game like Dance Dance Revolution, the weird parts being the name, characters and just the general feel of the game. You have to rap well to win the game, and it does take a bit of time to master. 

Goat Simulator

Another simulator and this time you are a goat. You have to make your way through different worlds, completing missions, finding hidden objects, all while being a goat that has an abnormally long tongue that can latch onto anything. 

This is another game that has a serious cult following. Many love the colors, the style of play, the sandbox feel, and the fact that you can do some seriously ridiculous stuff all while living your best life as a simple goat. 

Sensible World of Soccer

While some may think this title is something that was lost in translation, or a company trying to be funny, Sensible World of Soccer was a game made by Sensible Software, and was a much loved soccer game before the likes of FIFA and PES took off in popularity. 

The game featured 1,500 teams from across the globe, as well as 27,000 players. This wasn’t a half-baked idea, Amiga Power even ranked it as the best game of all time. The name is still funny though, even 27 years later. 

Um Jammer Lammy

A title that gives you zero clues as to what it is about, Um Jammer Lammy is actually a follow up to the widely popular PaRappa the Rapper. Released in 1999 on PlayStation, you follow a shy lamb named Lammy. 

The gameplay is very similar to that of PaRappa the Rapper, as it’s a rhythm game. But the music and colours will keep you entertained if this is the type of game you enjoy. It is also fairly unknown, considering how much fun it can be. 

No One Can Stop Mr Domino!

Don’t worry, Mr Domino looks quite friendly, and this very simple puzzle game is capable of keeping you entertained for hours, that’s if you are able to get your hands on it. Released on PlayStation back in 1998, it had mixed reviews but enjoyed a lot of success. 

The object is simple, use dominoes to topple over objects and solve the puzzles. Many at the time said it was unique enough to get people hooked and “incite addiction”. It may still have the same effect today. 

Bouncing Duck Simulator

There isn’t much to Bouncing Duck Simulator; you bounce ducks in a room. That is pretty much it. The last simulator that will be mentioned on this list, it is almost the epitome of “you can turn anything into a game”.

There are different coloured and sized ducks, they make different noises and that is as far as the design goes really. If bouncing ducks is your thing, or you want to find out if you will enjoy it, this is definitely the game for you. 

There are many, many more games with very strange names and plots, these are some of the best though. Most of them aren’t even bad games. They had immense popularity when released and you can still buy most of them and give them a try yourself. They are, weirdly, definitely worth it. 


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