Kids Clothing to Try this Year


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Kids often struggle to establish their identities, and that struggle often manifests through a sense of style. But just because your kid isn’t old enough to make all of their sartorial decisions for themselves doesn’t mean that they don’t deserve to be fashionable. After all, you don’t want to have the only fifth grader who shows up to class in their Iron Man pajamas. Mixing these hot 2021 styles into their mix can instill your kids with a sense of confidence and help them start seriously exploring their own sense of fashion.


Printed shirts may not be revolutionary, but they’ve been a core staple of boys’ clothing for years. And as gender norms are starting to change, there are plenty of options for both boys and girls. Printed shirts look great, especially when they’re made more sophisticated with layers. And the wealth of options available means that you can find a print and a color scheme that really fits the personality of your kid. For adults, printed t-shirts may be considered dressing down. But for kids, they’re a cornerstone of the larger wardrobe.

Layered Dresses

Girls and boys may have more flexibility in how they choose to dress than they once did, but feminine styles are still dominating girls’ fashion. The trend right now is towards frills and layers, so you can create a relatively sophisticated look without veering too far from the recognized conventions. But in a sea of girls dressed in sometimes identical dresses, finding a unique sense of identity can be hard. Look for complex materials with unique materials or cuts that can serve as conversation pieces and be used to build out a variety of different ensembles.

Exotic But Natural Textiles

Practicality has long been considered a necessity in kid’s clothing, and that hasn’t changed much. Kids can run a pair of jeans into the ground quickly, so finding clothes that are built to last is important. But the growing market for fashionable kid’s clothes has spurred creativity in terms of textiles. Synthetics are out and natural textiles are in, but kids have more options to choose from than ever before.

That includes silk, velvet, and velour, but you’ll want to consider the age and habits of your kid to make sure that beautiful shirt doesn’t become a liability. Recent years have even seen kids fashion move into the sustainable clothing field, with brands like Mon Coeur blending together fashion and ecological responsibility in a way that feels natural.


Fashion trends come and go, and denim has finally found its way back into popularity. While jeans have long been a staple of the kid’s fashion market thanks to their durability and practicality, there’s a lot more to denim than just long jeans and jean shorts. Jackets, vests, and even shirts made of denim are more fashionable than they’ve been in a long time, and parents can get some seriously quality results by layering denim on top of denim or using a variety of different fabrics for more sophisticated results.

Ultimately, it’s important to remember that your child’s comfort comes above all else. Because while looking fashionable can boost your confidence, feeling happy in your own skin trumps all. We encourage you to work with your kids to find a fashion style that suits their needs. It’s not too early to talk with your kids about their own sartorial preferences and discuss what sort of values they want to reflect. Helping them find a brand like Mon Coeur that matches their own sensibilities will help them develop their own identity and maybe come to recognize the ethical complexity of modern commerce.

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