Key Reasons to become Casino Dealer


Becoming a casino dealer seems to be an interesting option. Many players consider the dealer as entertaining positions as you only need to deal with cards and talk with customers. However, the casino dealer has a serious position and he must be concentrated on the course of the game. Read on find top reasons to become a casino dealer in some of the worldwide venues.

1. Payment – dealers have good salaries. Some of them reach $100,000 per year while dealers from small venues have considerably smaller incomes. According to estimation, the starting hourly salary of the dealer stands at $25.

2.No need of education – if you want to become dealer, rest assured about the possibility. Most dealers spend only two weeks on training without having any degree. Casinos recruit existing workers for dealer position which is another advantage for employees. There are also dealers who complete school in the same field which costs about $500.

3.Available Bonuses – Most casinos introduce a lot of benefits for employees. For example, you can receive valuable bonuses, health insurance or match programs. If you are interested in similar things, contact the human resource department for more information.

4.Excellent working conditions – Most of the dealers are satisfied with working conditions. They generally work in well-established venues with good lightning and a clean environment. Some casinos offer free dining for employees while other venues allow customers to have meals for symbolic prizes.

5.Work schedule

Live dealers are comfortable with working shifts. Casinos operate on a 24/7 basis and dealers can accommodate any possible shift.

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6.Regular Tips – Live dealers enjoy regular tips from customers. If you come across a polite dealer, you will certainly want to express gratitude with tip. Live dealers earn significant amounts of money only from regular tips. Another reason to become one of them!

7.Working hours – Players who visit casino venues consider dealers as flexible positions. Most of them work only six hours within 8-hours of working time. How is that possible? Dealers participate in one casino game for half an hour and have a break of 30 minutes. It allows them to enjoy flexible breaks.

8.Time off – Most casino venues around the globe introduce time off instead of vacations. The same is applicable for live dealers as they can earn several hours during the week and use them in the following days. It allows them to organize personal time in a convenient way.

9.Comradery – Dealer position is perfect for people who like chatting with others. As we already mentioned, dealers have several breaks which are the perfect chances for additional talks and relaxation.

10.Mobility – A lot of casinos run several venues throughout the states. Following this trend, they allow dealers to change properties from time to time. Casinos also open new job positions and allow dealers to apply from them. It allows dealers to learn something new and engage in the same business.

Becoming a casino dealer is attractive for different reasons and people should sample the option. Whether you are looking for part-time or a full-time position, the live dealer profession is always recommended.


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