Is There Value in Hiring A Process Server?

    Is There Value in Hiring A Process Server?
    Is There Value in Hiring A Process Server?


    The US supreme law requires that before any person loses their property, liberty, or life, the due process of the law must be followed. And in upholding the due process, process servers perform a critical function of protecting the rights of defendants by ensuring that they get a notice of a legal proceeding or a lawsuit filed against them.

    Initially, the county’s sheriffs were charged with this onerous task. However, as populations of cities grew, people turned more to process servers. They ensure that the requisite parties are served on time and accurately.

    Once a party is properly served, they have an opportunity to appear in court and respond to the charges leveled against them. Luckily, finding a process server near me in Maryland is also easy and quick. Here are some of the reasons you need a process server.

    They Guarantee Personalized Service

    A process server’s business depends a lot on the effective service of every document. This makes them want to go out of their way to ensure they serve the other party in a timely and effective manner. If they fail to find a person at the location of service, they will usually find out from the neighbors, confirm the address with the authorities, or research until they locate the person to be served.

    Also, process servers are always on call to discuss with you the types of documents you have as well as brief you on any alternative forms of service.

    If you were to choose sheriffs to do the service for you, you need to be aware that they don’t usually leave behind their contacts so there is no channel for communication.

    Being civil servants, county sheriffs will be paid whether they do a decent job or not. But process servers depend on this business to make a living and will never joke when it comes to serving a client.

    Is There Value in Hiring A Process Server?
    Is There Value in Hiring A Process Server?

    Quick Results

    Your documents must be served promptly. This becomes even more important where your service is about an impending deposition or court hearing. This usually requires that a party is served within a specific time frame for the case to go on.

    Process servers’ work is largely about serving documents. On the other hand, a sheriff’s office has other duties like finding suspects, transporting prisoners, and protecting the general population. This means that serving your documents isn’t such a priority to them. Therefore, if you want your papers served quickly, process servers guarantee that.

    They Understand the Laws

    Process servers, unlike county sheriffs, have a great understanding of the Rules of the Civil Procedure as well as other laws about proper process service. They understand what it takes to serve people from different jurisdictions.

    Also, they understand how to complete an Affidavit of Service properly to show that they stuck to the law and did their due diligence. Additionally, these professionals also can provide their services in local, state, as well as federal cases. On the other hand, most jurisdictions confine their sheriff’s departments to only serving local and state cases and not federal.

    There are also other jurisdictions where hiring a process server is a legal requirement. Also, if you are not yet 18, some states will require you to hire a process server.


    Being legal service providers, [professional process servers know the importance of accuracy in dealing with legal documents on behalf of their clients. They understand the law and will administer all their services in strict accordance with the law. You can trust them to get the process served on the first time of asking.

    You don’t have to learn the rules

    Every state has a different rule when it comes to process serving. Federal laws are also different. These polices encompass the locations where documents may be served at different times of the year. Some methods may be deemed harassment in other states. For this reason, you must be aware of all the rules and regulations before you proceed to serve the papers. Hiring process servers near me in Cecil County will save you from the need to learn all these rules as they are familiar with them.

    They Prevent You Getting Into Trouble

    Some states require that anyone serving papers must be in possession of a process serving license. To obtain this, you will need to fulfill some requirements which include background screening, education, and training. To avoid all this hassle, just hire someone who specializes in the job and you won’t have to suffer any legal consequences.

    Is There Value in Hiring A Process Server?
    Is There Value in Hiring A Process Server?

    Should I Hire a Process Server?

    The answer to this question is a resounding yes. Enlisting the services of a professional process server will ensure that your documents get delivered to the relevant party on time and accurately. A registered and licensed process server understands all the laws about process serving.

    When you team up with a proficient process server, you will not only save time but also money since you can avoid common service process challenges. A competent process server will help you to track down the recipient of the intended documents even if they try to avoid being served.

    After a complaint has been filed at the court, you will have a limited period to serve the defendant with the summons. If you are fail to serve the other party within this time, you will need to file your complaint afresh and start the process from the beginning. For a complaint to be received, you must show evidence to the courts that you gave the respondent a proper notice.

    Court proceedings will not go on until there is sufficient proof that the defendant has received proper notice. This prompts the plaintiff to quickly serving the defendant. Hiring licensed and registered process servers near me in Baltimore City is the only way to avoid these problems, as they ensure the defendant gets served with the complaint and court summonses in a timely fashion.

    Other than the initial requirement to serve the defendant personally all legal documents that will be filed after that will have to be equally responded to within a given period. A professional service will ensure that all the subsequent legal papers are served on time and accurately.


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