Is There A Driving Test For Seniors In Ontario?

The government of Ontario is concerned about the overall welfare of older adults, including their safety when driving. For this reason, they have set up a program to ensure that older road users are protected from any form of casualty when operating their vehicles. This program involves a driving test for seniors in Ontario.

Ontarians aged 80 years and above are required to take this test bi-annually to verify their continued ability to drive safely. The assessment is integrated into a driving scheme for older adults called a driver’s license renewal program.

On or before their 80th birthday, one will receive a letter informing them to renew their driver’s license along with instructions on how to go about the process. Learn more about the program with Seasons Retirement.

Driving Test for Seniors In Ontario

Older adults aged 80 years and above are required to take a driving test every two years for the renewal of their driver’s license. The driver’s license renewal program uses these tests to identify older adults who might not be able to continue driving independently.

With a satisfactory performance in these assessments, older adults are allowed to have a renewed driver’s license, which permits them to operate a vehicle. These tests cannot be avoided because older persons above 80 years would not be qualified to drive without them.

Steps Involved In The Driver’s License Renewal Program

1.    Receive The Letter

A letter is sent to your older loved one on or 90 days to their 80th birthday informing them of the driver’s license renewal program. They also get a driver’s license renewal form and instructions on how to complete the process of getting a new license.

Your older relatives will be required to make an appointment online or at any of the drive test centers in Ontario. To schedule a session, they are expected to have their license number.

Also, they should inform the operator of any peculiar needs they might have, like a foreign language or sign language assistant, for better comprehension of information. Afterward, the operator would provide a date and time for their appointment.

If your older one’s driver’s license expires before their appointment, they will be provided with a temporary driver’s permit until the renewal program is completed.

2.    Be Present At The Renewal Session

On the set day and time for the appointment, older adults should be in attendance at a renewal session where certain tests would be carried out to ascertain their eligibility to operate a vehicle.

These assessments include a vision test, a non-computerized test, an education group session, and a driving record review. Older adults should bear in mind that the following items should be brought along to the appointment:

●      Their current driver’s license

●      Their license renewal form

●      Prescription glasses

●      Hearing aids (if they use them)

It will be an advantage for your older loved one to review a copy of the official ministry of transportation driver’s handbook.

Vision Test

A vision test is an important part of the license renewal program. This driving test for seniors Ontario is carried out to ensure that an older adult’s eyesight is clear and perfect to operate a vehicle successfully.

The older person is made to read out rows of numbers or letters from top to bottom, with the characters reducing in size as they go down.

Also, they are required to watch a screen that detects vision and are asked to identify the timing of a flashing light and what direction it’s coming from. An older adult must have a visual acuity of 20/50 to acquire a renewed driver’s license; as you already know, the eyes are a part of the most important assets for driving.

Non-computerized Test

Here, an older adult would be provided with materials for a written test with instructions. Here is an Ontario seniors driving test example:

●      Draw a large circle

●      Insert numbers in the circle like the face of a clock

●      Draw the hands on the clock indicating 11:55

●      Stop when completed

For the second test, the older adult would be asked to cross out all ‘Hs’ from a list of random letters. Here’s an example:

●      Observe the letters below

 ‘’E A B H N K L R K H N H B C H T H

  O H U N G H W T H S J H Q K H V A

   H H G Z H L P X H R Y U H J K H M’’

●      Cross out all the ‘Hs’ wherever you can find any

●      Stop when completed

Group Education Session

This driving test for 80-year-olds requires the older adult to watch a 45-minute video, after which they will be quizzed on what they learnt. It is important for them to pay attention to the details in the video, as this would help their chances of passing the test they would be given.

Driving Record Review

For this driving test for seniors in Ontario, your older loved one’s driving record would be reviewed to verify their ability to keep operating a vehicle. They may need to undergo a physical driving test if their scores in the other assessments aren’t satisfactory.

3.    Visit Service Ontario Center

After the entire process is completed, the older adult would have to visit the service Ontario center to collect their renewed driver’s license. To receive the license, the older person would be required to bring their driving test results along with some medical information from their doctor.


These driving tests are essential as they help to identify older persons who might not be very fit to operate a vehicle. The whole renewal program would last for about an hour, and there would be no provision for snacks by the organizers. Hence, your older loved one should take snacks, water, or any edibles they might need to stay active throughout the program.

An older adult who isn’t eligible to drive has other safe options of transportation such as community transit services, taxis, or public buses to help make movement around town possible.

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