Is The Popularity of GamStop Growing?


    Most of you have heard of GamStop. This is a UK platform that started its life back in 2018. The same year, UKGC mandated all online casinos which have a licence from this gambling authority to use GamStop. Online casinos and betting sites that do not have a UKGC licence don’t need to use GamStop. These are known as casinos not on GamStop and they are very appealing right now. 

    Why Is the Popularity of Casinos Not On GamStop Increasing?

    Many gamblers create an account on GamStop when they are upset or by mistake. The process is very easy and it is basically an online registration, nothing more. Soon after that, they find out that removing the self-exclusion scheme isn’t possible. They must wait until the specified period of time expires. Furthermore, they cannot even change the duration and make it end sooner! As such, these players are unable to gamble. They are banned from all UK casinos or, better said, all online casinos that have a UKGC license and are members of GamStop.

    The only way these people can gamble is to play at online casinos that don’t have GamStop support. These are standard online casinos and there are no major differences compared to UKGC sites when it comes to safety or security. Both of these have licenses, use SSL encryption and offer customer support. In other words, players don’t lose anything and they can play casino games in the same way they would do that at UK casinos. 

    Add the fact that there are a limited number of UK casinos and an unlimited number of non-GamStop sites with free bonuses on registration listed on so you can see another reason why these casinos are becoming more popular than ever before. In a nutshell, not GamStop casinos are being developed every single day and there are many options on the web. For players, this means more options and each gambler is able to find a casino that matches his desires perfectly. Also, each one of these casinos will accept the account of a player and offer all kinds of games to the player. 

    Believe it or not, there are some perks or advantages that non-GamStop casinos have over UK sites. The first one is the fact bonuses and promotions are much higher. For instance, a UK casino may offer a 100% match deposit offer. Not GamStop casino will offer 300% or even 500% of the same bonus. This is just the tip of the iceberg. In reality, casinos without UKGC and therefore without GamStop offer far more bonuses and promotions that are not going to become available at UK sites. 

    Is There A Future of Non GamStop Casinos

    The simplest answer we can give you is yes, there is a bright future for these casinos. Some of the reasons why are seen above. However, there are many more. The simplest reason is the fact that GamStop is here to stay. It will actually become more and more used at online casinos and it will be more commonly used due to the increase in popularity of online gambling. This means that more and more players are going to need casinos where they can gamble despite the self-exclusion ban. As you can see, these online casinos do have a bright future.

    Another, equally important reason why these casinos are here to stay is freedom of gambling. Casinos without GamStop and UKGC can offer more games, support more software developers, use more payment methods and so much more. They can also support all kinds of bets and allow you to play without any limits. In essence, they offer more freedom to players which is precisely the thing most UK gamblers need and want in massive amounts. This is one of the main advantages of casinos without GamStop and the one that can make a massive difference.

    Don’t forget that there are going to be more and more online casinos that do not support GamStop. This should be voluntary and not mandated by the gambling authority. More casinos mean that players have more places to gamble at, obviously. 

    We must add that even operators outside the GamStop usually have a self-exclusion scheme developed by their teams. What this means is that a player can contact customer support and they will limit his account. The goal is the same as with GamStop but you must use the same process for all online casinos where you gamble. 


    Operators that do not join GamStop are popular, they do offer many advantages, excellent games, and many other perks UK players need and want to use. As such, they are a mandatory advantage all players have at their disposal at any given moment. These sites are here to stay and they can only become better in the future. 


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