Is React JS frontend or backend?


    For a person who has not previously encountered programming, the concepts of frontend and backend are not always clear. And if you don’t go into the intricacies of the technical implementation, you can explain the meaning of each in this way:

    • frontend – what the user sees;
    • the backend is a kind of backyard that not everyone has access to.

    In recent years, we have heard more and more about the JavaScript interface structure. They are supposed to revolutionize the development world. You’ve probably heard the names React.js, Angular, or Vue.js. These are the three most commonly used today. Angular.js was pioneered by Google in 2009 and React.js by Facebook in 2013. Vue.js, the latest appearance, was created in 2014 by Evan Yu, an engineer at Google for several years, especially as part of the Angular project. Vue.js is used by Adobe, Alibaba and Gitlab among others. So much for your presentation.

    Some statistics

    In terms of statistics, react.js is the most used today – over 50%. Moreover, it is chosen by large trading companies and commercial projects, understanding all the advantages that the framework offers. React Native Developers for Hire also understands the benefits of front-end development with React.js .:

    • improved indicators of data processing speed;
    • fast page loading;
    • reduction in development time and costs and much more.

    It is still the framework that attracts the most interest in the developer community, as it can offer ample development opportunities and reduce the time to implement features.

    Difference between front-end and back-end developer

    The role of the front-end developer ( is to develop the visible portion of a web or mobile application. That is, what is displayed on your web browser or mobile phone. This is usually done with HTML, CSS and Javascript tools. This is called the “client” side, as opposed to the “server” side, which is developed internally.

    In addition, the full stack developer can manage both the front-end and the back-end while developing the application.

    The skills required for a front-end application developer are determined by the tasks to be performed. In addition to basic programming skills, a specialist must have high levels of theoretical knowledge and creative thinking. In addition, the work will need:

    • Excellent knowledge of HTML and CSS.
    • Excellent knowledge of JavaScript and how it works.
    • Possession of at least one of the following JS Framework: React, Vue, Ember, Angular, jQuery.

    Developers aren’t just the ones who write the code. These are people with logical thinking and a creative nature. In addition, they are characterized by increased attentiveness and the ability to get out of difficulties in work by using non-standard solutions.


    Given the specifics of React development, we can conclude that this is the best solution for front-end development. Thanks to a number of available templates and solutions, the developer uses minimal code, implementing templates, adapting them to specific requirements. Ultimately, the product turns out to be attractive and useful, which in turn will be appreciated by both users and search engines.

    Developers usually specialize in one or more frameworks, the logic and performance of which they like. In professional development agencies, several areas of programming can be used, since there is a staff of specialists who are able to implement the customer’s technical task. Any system uses different frameworks and languages, which affects all of its components:

    • infrastructure,
    • database,
    • administration,
    • front, flow, etc.

    Before starting a project, you must weigh the choice of your contractor with the ecosystem that he will fit into and with the technical capabilities of your team.


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