Is Online IPL T20 Cricket Betting Sites Legal in India?

There has been a tremendous rise in betting sites and apps in India after the covid-19 lockdown as people were getting bored at their homes. Online gambling is one of the few industries that boomed in the pandemic. However, many people are still confused if online IPL T20 cricket betting sites are legal in India or not. We are going to discuss the legal status of betting sites, background of betting laws in India, and more in this article. Let’s get started.

What is the Legal Status of Online Gambling in India?

The online gambling and betting legal status in India is a tad uncertain. There is a significant difference between the laws laid down by the state government and the central government. But the absence of assimilation from the two governments has led to some loopholes, which has made it legal to gamble online. 

According to the Public Gambling Act of 1867, any form of gambling is illegal. It means there is a restriction on placing bets. But, things are a little more complicated than this. According to the law, there is a clear distinction between the game of chance and the game of skill.  Gamblers from India are allowed to wager on the game of skills. But this begs the question as to why betting on horse racing and lotteries are permitted in India. 

As we said, the online betting status in India is a little unclear. That is why certain games are legal, while others are not. This brings us to the next consideration, which regions in India where there are a few more exemptions on gambling or betting. 

But nothing has been mentioned about online betting or gambling. There is no federal law. Hence, it is not formally prohibited. Each state has the liberty to decide if they would like to impose any law on online betting. It is a legal grey area. It is mainly because of the contradictory Indian laws. So, in short, it means online betting on IPL T20 is legal in India except for some states. Moreover, the online betting sites operate from offshore locations and don’t come under Indian jurisdiction. So, it is safe to play at those sites.

There is no news that any user from India being charged or prosecuted for using an online betting site. It is an answer that can put you at ease. This shows that the government of India isn’t monitoring online betting sites that come outside the jurisdiction of India. 

Where is Betting Legal in India?

Sikkim, the north-eastern state in India is quite open when it comes to betting or gambling. It opened its first casino in 2009. The state also offers some local lotteries. 

In Goa, you will find many luxury cruises operating floating casinos. So, you will be able to play your preferred casino games. 

Which Online Betting Sites are Legal in India?

Any betting site that is based outside India is legal for Indian players. Nevertheless, no betting sites are allowed to operate within Indian territory. This is the reason you will hardly come across a betting site that is based in India. 

The Background of Betting Laws in India

During the colonial period, gambling was prohibited in India under the Public Gambling Act of 1867. According to this, it was illegal to offer gambling services or take part in it within the country. But it doesn’t mention anything about online betting since it had been crafted several years back when the internet wasn’t introduced. 

Thus, as long as you are betting on the internet, it means it is legal since it is not expressly forbidden under the Public Gambling Act. In case the Indian government had wanted to prohibit online betting, they would have already amended the law to prohibit it. However, they never did. 

Game of Skill and Game of Luck

Like already mentioned, several state laws allow games of skill. However, they don’t allow games of luck. 

What is the difference between the two?

In the case of a game of skill, a player can increase their winning chances by learning more about the game. But if you follow this logic, online cricket betting should be considered to be a game of skill. The more you get to know about a certain tournament or team, the better are your chances of success. 

Hence, betting on IPL T20 is a game of skill. Thus, it is considered to be legal in different states in India.

While the game of luck is where you cannot influence the game’s outcome in any way. One of the best examples of a game of luck is roulette. In this, regardless of how much you study the game, your chances of winning don’t change. Once the ball is cast on the wheel, it might land anywhere. 

Will Online Cricket Betting be Legalized in India?

Nobody knows if online betting is going to be completely legalized in India. It might happen in a few years or never happen at all. But no matter what it is, for now, you can indulge in online IPL T20 cricket betting provided you choose an offshore betting site. 

To get the best start, it is important that you choose the best betting site in India. Make sure that the bookmaker has the proper license and certificate to operate. Following this, you need to find out if the online betting platform has the game you would like to bet on. It should offer local banking methods, such as UPI, NetBanking, and more. You should have enough options at hand. Don’t forget to check the online sportsbook’s customer service. 

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