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Is It Possible to Win Real Money on Casino Free Spins: Questions and Answers

Nowadays, gambling sites are quite ingenious in terms of attracting new users. They offer massive promotions, worldwide trips, exciting tournaments, and of course, free sign-up bonuses.

However, this “bait” is beneficial for both casinos and the players. Registering a new account rarely takes more than 2 minutes, but these efforts are generously rewarded.

However, this is not the only way to get them. The best free spins bonus is often offered as a part of the specific promotion, for example:

  • no deposit reward for registration;
  • welcome bonus for depositing money;
  • tournament rewards;
  • loyalty program bonuses;
  • exclusive promotions from providers;
  • other.

As you can see, there are quite many ways to get free spins (FS) at casinos. However, there is still a question: “Is it possible to earn real money on free spins?” Let’s find the answer.

Free Chances to Win Real Money on Free Spins

FS always provide the gambler with the opportunity to win real money. However, this is still only the “chance” because it is not as easy as it might seem. This applies to those spins that are credited as a part of a certain bonus.

Is It Possible to Win Real Money on Casino Free Spins: Questions and Answers
Is It Possible to Win Real Money on Casino Free Spins: Questions and Answers

In the majority of cases, online platforms set wagering terms for bonus money. This is usually a multiplier, for example, x35. It means that to withdraw a certain amount of the reward, the player will need to wager such an amount of money that will be at least 35 times more.

Quite often, limits for possible winnings are set for FS. This applies to both deposit and no deposit offers, but this practice does not apply to in-game FS. The exception is FS with no wagering terms, also known as cash spins. Usually, it is received as part of a loyalty program or as a prize in a tournament.

Thus, gamblers can get real money thanks to free spins. But if the promo amount was earned without a deposit, the player will still have to replenish the balance and make a certain number of bets to be able to withdraw it.

How to Get the Most Out of Free Spins?

As practice shows that good conditions for FS are more common in “young” institutions. They do this to attract players in a highly-competitive gambling environment. Therefore, it makes sense to look closely at casinos that have recently appeared.

Regardless of how the FS were obtained, an experienced gambler should be aware that they are not equal to easy profit. Businessmen never waste money just like that — even if this money is virtual. Still, free spins allow you to make your gambling experience more interesting.

The main advice is to read the rules of bonus usage. It seems obvious, but you’d be surprised to know how small is the percentage of players who check it. Gambling portals are required to disclose all conditions of getting a bonus, otherwise, their reputation will suffer. So, stay conscious and trust only reliable casinos. Good luck!

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