Are Interactive Platforms Helping to Build Customer Loyalty – Taking a Closer Look

Customer loyalty is one of those things that companies of all sizes in all industries strive to achieve. Any business owner will tell you it costs a lot of resources, time, and money to secure new customers, so once you do that the goal is to build loyalty and create a repeat customer. Knowing those facts and then achieving customer loyalty are two entirely different things though, as just because a company understands the importance of loyalty it doesn’t mean they are successful in making it happen.

One of the ways that businesses are working to lock in customer loyalty is to offer interactive platforms that clients can use to their benefit. Let’s take a closer look.

What Are These Interactive Platforms?

Interactive platforms aren’t new technology, but it is a technology that not all businesses are taking advantage of. Giving customers a chance to interact not just with the company, but other customers, educational information, their well-being, and even connect with wearable devices isn’t just the way of the future; it’s the present day.

Take for example SE2, a company that seems to be harnessing the power of interactive platforms. SE2 is a company that offers third-party administration services for some of the biggest insurance companies in the United States. It’s now providing its customers, the life insurance companies, with ways to be more interactive when it comes to customer engagement. 

In fact, its interactive platform is giving these insurance providers a way to reward policyholders for being proactive in improving their physical and mental health. It is truly creating a new and heightened level of customer engagement.

Marketing and Advertising Can Also Make Use of Interactive Platforms

And let’s also point out just how beneficial these interactive platforms are in terms of marketing and advertising. Creating a content marketing strategy is much easier when you’ve got these platforms at your disposal. 

Interactive content is typically broken down into a few main categories, which are timelines and sliders; quizzes; interactive visuals; and tools and calculators. The idea is that these items provide a service to the customer/client, and they give the company insight into its target audience. 

There’s also the fact that interactive content provides instant gratification for the user, which is a must in today’s fast-paced technology-driven world. People aren’t willing to wait around for answers and information – they want everything right at that moment.

These interactive platforms are all about two-way communication, meaning the information isn’t just flowing in one direction. It creates a loop of information that is shared from the company to the customer, and then back again. It’s also about building that relationship that is mutually beneficial.

Interactive Platforms Could be the Step You’re Missing

So if your company has been struggling to build customer loyalty and really connect with clients, interactive platforms could end up being the missing piece in the puzzle. Once you build that two-way street of communication, it’s incredible how the dynamics will change, and the results will follow.

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