Interactive maps are a new way of creating a map online or in your presentations. This new tools generation allows you to zoom your map in and out, insert pop-up videos and photos into a selected map. Or create a mapping style that’s unique to you and construct a map based on your own collected data.

    As you’ve guessed from the title, we’re going to talk about interactive mapping from the presentations’ perspective. But don’t think that that’s the only thing they’re perfect for. There is nothing better than those customizable maps which can find any coordinates you need, construct an IP map for your purposes.


    Being at school, we all remember how dull the presentation lessons were. Everyone used the same PowerPoint style, similar pictures, and long-loading slides. Accompany that with a sluggish teenager’s voice. Want to yawn yet?

    Luckily, these days are gone (hopefully) forever. Recently, a pupil from our editor’s daughter’s class made everybody gasp with his geography lesson presentation. The data was uniquely organized. He used funny pictures that appeared at an opportune moment, and its whole style was cutting-edge. He later said that he used one of these new services ShowMyMap . Although there are tons of sources to work with, definitely look into the ones that organize your data. That’s going to save your time enormously.

    Instead of creating a presentation on “How I spent my summer” with barely any pictures and interaction, go the other way:

    • start with an attention-grabbing title, “My map of summer adventures.”
    • remember all the places you’ve been to
    • use a coordinate locator
    • insert pictures from Google Maps
    • browse your locations’ map
    • gather all the data and
    • put it into a map-creator



    Successful project presentations are a key to fruitful work and enthusiastic workers. The way you, as an employer, see the new step in your company has to align with the way you share it with others.

    So, to achieve that, utilize all the possible tools you have on hand. That’s when interactive maps come in handy. With the help of those, you can create a map with pins free, which shows the areas of a state, country, or even a continent you’d like to work with or influence with your products.

    Excite your colleagues with the way you view the project’s success. Use videos, photos, allow your workmates to change or add something to the map. Almost every business that’s got more than two branches will benefit from visualizing their work and future achievements.

    “and more’ PART

    The notions of map and travel have always been inseparable. So yeah, definitely go for creating your own custom map before traveling. Visualize and calculate distances to all the places you want to go to, avoid traffic jams with intelligent systems and simply save it on your phone.

    All in all, take the guesswork out and stop taking a stab in the dark. Use the interactive maps to locate and map the fastest route to your destination quickly.

    The benefits are way too evident and apparent:

    • Manipulate your map to drag it, zoom in, zoom out, reveal more details within markers, and more 
    • Filter and sort your map data using the grouping, clustering, and filtering tools to specify the data you want to view or like displayed, perform relevant analytics, and reveal valuable and unique insights
    • Locate addresses, stores, and other areas of interest and get optimized route options

    Still have doubts about whether to use interactive maps?


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