Intellectual Property (IP) Complaints on Amazon!

Intellectual Property (IP)

If you ask us what is the most problematic type of suspension on Amazon, the answer would be quite clear: Intellectual Property. And if you really want to run a smooth business on Amazon, you have to put much effort in order to run your business in compliance with all of Amazon’s requirements.

This type of Amazon suspension has lots of mysteries that every seller has to dispel in order to reduce all the possible risk of getting an Amazon suspension and in order to reactivate Amazon seller account permissions,  you have to devote a considerable amount of time and cooperate with a professional lawyer. The main reason is that unlike other types of Amazon suspensions, an IP suspension requires a lawyer’s help for negotiating with your complainant party. 

What Is It?

Generally, Intellectual Property consists of some points such as Copyright Claims, Patent Violation, Trade dress violation, and Trademark Infringement.

Copyright Infringement

This type of violation usually comes when one seller uses another’s images or verbiage without their permission.

Trademark Infringement

This type of infringement involves any word, name, design and symbol which is used for distinguishing brands from one another. It is also wise to mention that Trademark is governed by the Lanham Act, which regulates unfair competition and the procedure of trademark registering.

Trade Dress

Trade Dress is the overall appearance of the product in your listing. Generally, it involves packaging, labeling and includes features such as shape and size.

Patent Infringement 

The main idea of patents is protecting the owner’s inventions, and technological processes. 

If you have ever come across such issues, it is better to work with someone who has legal experience, otherwise, you can be stuck in an endless process of reinstating your suspended account. Which is not considered to be as easy as it may seem to be.

First of all, you should reach out to the brand and ask them to withdraw their complaint. That’s why you need a lawyer’s help to show the company that you are selling 100 percent genuine products and have not violated the brand’s rights.

As a rule, the brand refuses to withdraw its complaint in the interest of competition, so keep contacting them until they agree to make advances. Once you solve the problem with the brand, you can confidently start appealing your suspension.

Try to show Amazon that you have followed all their policies, and the allegation of infringement is entirely baseless.

As you can see, IP complaint suspension is one of the most difficult and problematic cases. And of course, you can avoid it at any cost. For example, you can go to  Amazon University and study all the policies regarding this topic. Keep in mind that your main mission is to be a good seller for Amazon, only in this case you can run both a safe and profitable business at the same time.


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