Insurance Brokers Customer Experience Tips

Insurance brokers are a type of insurance intermediaries appointed by the insurance companies to solicit insurance business on their behalf. Insurance brokers are the only insurance intermediaries who are legally liable to the deficiency in Services provided. Customers can sue the insurance brokers for deficiency of services provided to them.

Insurance brokers provide risk management solutions to organizations to manage their risk in a better way. Insurance brokers can deal with multiple insurance companies giving them a clear advantage when compared with the other insurance intermediaries.

There are certain customer experience tips to be followed by insurance brokers to become the best insurance broker in Delhi which are mentioned below:-

  • Be Attentive:- Insurance brokers need to be attentive when engaging with their customers. Most of the customers of insurance brokers would be the organizations which employ hundreds of people and their requirements would be different from that of individuals. For example an agent might engage with an individual for retail or personal health insurance policy but the insurance broker engages with organizations for group health insurance policy whose requirements are completely different.

Being attentive to the client creates a first hand impression and gives an advantage to the insurance broker. For this insurance broker should listen attentively to the requirements of the customers and suggest insurance policy accordingly. The best risk management solutions are provided when the insurance broker is attentive to the customer.

  • Be Responsive:- The other important thing to be followed for excellent customer experience is to be responsive to what the customer is saying. Insurance brokers should respond positively to the needs and requirements of the customer which gives a pleasant experience to the customers.


Responding to customer queries in terms of need would help build a healthy relationship with the customer. The level of responsiveness decides the renewability of the insurance policy. It is important to be responsive to the needs and requirements of the customers at any time.

  • Value addition:- Insurance brokers should provide value addition to the customers in addition to the regular Services. For instance, Ethika insurance broking provides certain value Add-ons to their customers such as Employee engagement program, employee happiness program, employee assistance, employee engagement, red carpet claim assistance etc.

The red carpet claim assistance program from Ethika insurance broking aims to provide seamless claim settlement facility by reducing the turnaround time of claim settlement. Customers should spare a few minutes of their time to fill up the claim forms and the rest would be taken care by the claim settlement team of Ethika insurance broking which saves a great deal of time to the customer.

  • Renewal/ Closure followup:- Most of the Closures in sales take place in 4rth/5th follow up which means that only a few cases are closed in the first 2 meetings. For a lead to get to the closure stage at least 4-5 follow-ups are required with the customer.

The more the number of required follow-ups the more the chance of conversion. Follow-up at the time of renewal gives a pleasant customer experience.

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