How to Use PH Test Strips


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The body functions by constantly regulating the pH levels of blood and other fluids. This is important because, with the correct pH balance, your body maintains good health. However, most people rarely hear the term ‘pH balance’. That brings us to the question, what is pH? PH is the degree of the relative aggregation of hydrogen ions. If there is an increase in hydrogen ions, then the solution is acidic. The lesser the ions there are, the more alkaline the solution.

Why is pH Balance Important?

It is important to have the right pH as it affects the well-being of a person. When the body has a high level of acidity or too alkaline, then the health is compromised. If you notice a change in the normal blood pH, there might be underlying health conditions that call for medical emergencies. Health conditions that come about by a change in the normal pH include asthma, heart disease, diabetes, lung disease, kidney issues, gout, shock, infection, poisoning, bleeding, and more. These are adverse conditions that require medical attention. There is a need to keep checking the pH balance in a medical facility or at home. This is thanks to pH Test strips.

Vaginal Infections Caused by pH Change

When the pH balance in the vaginal area is interfered with, an infection erupts. The pH scale runs from 0-14. 7 indicates a neutral pH. Therefore, a number that is below seven is considered acidic, whereas one that is more than 7 is alkaline or basic. The lower it goes, the higher the acidic levels, and the higher it is from 7, the more alkaline the solution is. Knowing this, you can determine any slight change in pH.

The vagina has to have the right pH for it to remain healthy. The usual range of vaginal pH is between 3.8 and 4.5. It is averagely acidic. However, vaginal pH may vary depending on the stage you are in life. For a younger age, the level is usually below 4.5. The older you are, the pH tends to be more than 4.5.

The acidic environment in the vagina protects against unwanted bacteria and yeast from thriving. It reduces the chances of an infection. A high vaginal pH makes it susceptible to infections such as Bacterial vaginosis and Trichomoniasis. Usually, vaginal acidity doesn’t have much effect. However, the rise in acidity may reduce fertility. This is because sperm do well in an alkaline surrounding. For them to swim, they require an optimal pH of between 7 and 8.5.

Signs of Unbalanced Vaginal pH

If you suspect you have an infection caused by a change in pH, chances are you have the following symptoms:

·        Fish-like smell from the vagina

·        Change in the discharge color

·        Itchiness

·        Burning sensation while urinating

To be sure, you have to conduct a vaginal test to determine its pH level. It is more comfortable doing the test at home with pH test strips. You have to know how to use them.

Using pH Test Strips

Get your strip and open it. Most of these kits include cotton swabs to make the work easier. Take a small amount of vaginal fluid using the cotton swab and gently rub it onto the strip. Wait for about 30 seconds and check the results. You do this by comparing the color obtained on the strip with the color test graph provided. If the pH level reads abnormal, then you need to consult with your gynecologist as soon as possible.


Knowing your pH balance is important, especially if you suspect that you have an infection. pH test strips are fast and efficient when it comes to checking the pH balance. It is ideal to have them handy at all times.

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