How to Spray Perfume for Long-lasting Fragrance – Wear Perfume Like a Pro


A good perfume is good for the soul. Unfortunately, great fragrances are not always cheap. If you have invested in your favorite aromatic bottle, it is only fair that you smell fabulous all day.

Do you often find it necessary to reapply your fragrance during the day? Does your perfume wear off by mid-day?

If your answer is yes, then the chances are that you are not applying your scent the right way. It could also be that your storage practices are not the best.

If you are wondering how to spray perfume for long-lasting fragrance, read on.

In this post, I am sharing some insider secrets that will help you adopt the best practices for storing and applying fragrance.

How to Store Perfume

Perfumes, similar to other cosmetic products, expire at some point. However, your scents can expire prematurely if they are not stored properly. The ideal way to store your bottles is to place them in a cool and dark area that is not prone to temperature fluctuations.

When perfumes are exposed to sunlight, air, or humidity, their chemical compounds breakdown too early, and this negatively impacts their potency. For the best results, store your product away from direct sunlight and let it remain in its original box.

Storing your perfumes in a different bottle that is perhaps fancier may make them look sophisticated. However, the process of pouring the fragrance from one container to another allows air to mix into the chemical makeup of a product.

Consequently, air speeds up the breaking down of scent molecules, so it is best to keep your perfumes in their original bottle.

Fragrance Hacks; Secrets for Making Perfume Last Longer

If your perfume is stored correctly, then maybe it can connect with your skin and remain put all day. To successfully achieve this, here are more tips you should implement.

  • Apply Your Perfume Immediately After a Shower

Timing plays a significant role in ensuring your fragrance lasts longer. Ideally, you should apply the scent after taking a shower, when your skin pores are still open, and your body is clean. Of course, you need to dry off properly before spritzing on your favorite perfume.

  • Moisturize Your Skin

Before an application, it is good practice first to moisturize your skin. The fragrance can lock in better when your skin is still moist. After using a towel to dry your body, apply an unscented or mildly scented lotion to add moisture to your skin.

  • Apply on Bare Skin

Ideally, you should apply perfume before getting dressed. The fragrance smells best and lasts longer when it melds with your body’s natural oils. Target the pulse points such as the back of your knees, wrists, elbows, and the nape of your neck.

As these areas heat up during the day, and so will the scent develop and be released.

  • Apply Some Vaseline on Pulse Points Before You Apply Perfume

Here is another insider secret that will help you add life to your fragrance. Take a small amount of Vaseline and rub it onto your pulse points before applying perfume. The balm will serve as additional moisturizing and lock in the fragrance, ensuring that it lasts longer.

  • Spray Your Hairbrush

The alcohol found in the majority of perfumes and colognes can damage your hair if sprayed directly. This makes it better to spray your hairbrush instead. I use the Givenchy Live Irresistible that has a sweet profile of pineapple, red berries, and raspberry.

The middle and base notes which comprise of Lily-of-the-Valley, rose, caramel, amber wood, and musk give me that fresh feeling all day long.

While this product has superb concentration levels and is meant to be applied sparingly, the scent can get awfully dull by evening.

Anointing my brush with just a small bit of perfume before running it through my dry tresses does wonders. It helps to maintain a sweet scent around me until I get home in the evening.

  • Get Your Drawers Lined with Perfume

Another fantastic trick is to line your drawers with your signature perfume. The scent will permeate your clothing and leave them subtly scented. When your skin absorbs the fragrance, and your clothes smell great too, you are likely to enjoy long hours of having an elegant scent around you.

Which Perfumes Last the Longest?

Certain perfumes will not last for more than a few hours, even if you implement the above tips. That is just the sad reality. Typically, it will cost you a little more to acquire a scent that lasts for a reasonable while on your skin.

Colognes and perfumes are sold in different concentrations. They can differ like day and night when it comes to theratios of perfume extract to alcohol. If you want to maintain an elegant scent for longer, you need more than an Eau Fraiche (body splash) product.

Parfum fragrances have the highest amounts of perfume extract, and they effortlessly last for 24hours. Eau de Parfums are the most popular choice, and they last for about 5-8 hours. The Eau de Toilettes contain 5-15% perfume extract and only linger on the skin for a few hours.

Irrespective of the perfume concentration levels of the product you use, it is crucial to implement the above tips. Parfum fragrances, however, always seem to work perfectly as long as they are stored correctly.

In this case, implementing the above tips is not mandatory because the perfume concentration levels of a product do all the magic.

Final Words

In the world of perfumes, scents, and colognes, nobody will offer youchampagne taste on a beer budget. It is hence best to be realistic in terms of how long your fragrance can last.

To avoid needless frustration, you must first find a perfume that is ideal for your needs. It is also essential to store it properly and use the best application practices to spray perfume for long-lasting fragrance.

This way, you can use your signature scent to express yourself and tell your unique story.


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