How to protect yourself while dating online

Though dating apps are convenient to connect and find potential partners, it also has introduced us to some issues. Interacting online with strangers does put at risk of online scams, harassment, and identity theft. Plus, one never knows the predatory intentions of someone meeting online. So, it is always in our best interest to protect ourselves while dating online.

  • Lengthy sign-ups with verification and authentication required are much safer than those casual, short sign-ups requiring just an email address, name, and phone numbers. So next time you decide to join completely free dating sites no subscription, sign up the authentication necessary registration forms.
  • Anything put on social media or virtual platforms are publicly accessible. But some apps do protect their users by allowing them to control the option of their account and information visibility like Hinge or Grindr.
  • Avoid using sites or apps where anyone can message you, as a lot of these sites do give some unpleasant experiences and also pose the risk of fraud.
  • Restrict yourself from putting personal information on dating sites or any virtual platforms and apps to do video calling as they make you susceptible to frauds and identity theft.
  • Do not give access to your location either to any dating site or any stranger you meet on these sites, as it may compromise your safety.
  • Use a unique profile image for the dating site that is not available on any of your social media handles, as that makes it difficult to track you down on any of the social platforms.
  • Though the messaging system of a dating app is far less convenient than one’s phone messaging system, it does provide an extra shield of protection to you.
  • Never allow your date to pick you up or drop you off home on the first date. Arrange for your transportation or use a mode of public transport or even better ask a friend to pick you up and drop you off for the date.
  • Let someone know the details, especially the timing and location of your date.
  • Choose a busy public place for your initial meet.
  • Do not get drunk on your first dates as that exposes you to potential risks and dangers.
  • It is advised to keep some cash on a person invade of a bag or wallet theft.
  • Carry a self-defense weapon or a can of pepper spray in case things go wrong on the first date.

Even if it seems rude, one should not feel guilty or bad for putting their safety first.

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