How To Make A Will Online


    For so long now the will making process has been an inconvenient, slow, and very expensive process that involves the legal expertise of a solicitor. However, thanks to the onset of the will making process to an online experience, the process has been revolutionized into one that is highly convenient, swift, and inexpensive. 

    3 Simple Steps

    Online will makers, such as this site, enable individuals to create their own fully legal document in just a small number of very simple steps. These are listed below.

    • Answer Questions – an online survey / questionnaire needs to be filled in for the purpose of gaining some insight into the individual. This can be done at any time and from anywhere, making it a highly convenient process. Some of the details required from an individual when making a will include who they want to take over their estate and / or look after any dependents that they may have in the event of their death.
    • Get Approval – the will is looked at by a legal professional in order to ensure that everything is covered and that all parts of the document are clear and make sense. The length of time that this takes varies, but is usually no longer than 5 working days. 
    • Print And Sign – once the will has been made and checked over by a legal expert, it is then down to the individual to print the document out and sign it in the presence of 2 different witnesses. Doing this makes the will completely legal. 

    Guaranteed Privacy

    The process of making a will is something that is very private to each individual, which is why they are now available to do from the privacy of an individual’s own home. Most providers of these services have high tech security systems in place so there should be no concerns or worries about personal data / information being compromised in any way at all. 

    The Cost

    The cost of making a will online varies from provider to provider although it is pretty much always cheaper to do it this way than the more traditional way of doing so, i.e. visiting a solicitor at their law office. There is usually no payment required up front so an individual can begin making their will online completely free of charge. Payment is only required once the will is complete and is at the stage of being looked at by a legal professional. 

    When it comes to updating or amending a completed will then there is typically a surcharge for doing this, although some providers do allow changes within the first year after completing the will to be done completely free of charge. This is a much cheaper option than when making amends to a traditionally produced will via the assistance of a solicitor. For instance, each and every time that an amendment is required there is a significant surcharge for doing so as there is the need to complete another document that is called a codicil.


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