How To Make A Podcast And Why Your Business Needs It?


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Learn how to make a podcast and use it to promote your brand

Content is king and brands are constantly leveraging content to drive their audiences to take actions. As a brand, you may have used textual, video and photo content to draw your audience’s attention and bring value to them in one form or another. Another form of content that you can consider leveraging is audio content.

Various brands have invested in creating their podcast channels with a view to enhance brand awareness and establish their position as experts. If you too want to leverage this audio-based platform to build awareness about your brand, you need to know how to make a podcast.

To help you understand how to make a podcast, here’s a guide with steps on how to make a podcast. So, let’s jump right in:

Step-By-Step Process For Setting Up A Podcast

  • First, you need to pick a theme for your podcast. Depending upon the industry in which you hold the expertise, you can decide upon a theme for your podcast. You may want to teach some concepts and bring value to your listeners, or you may want to offer tips, tricks, and hacks on a given subject.
  • After this, you will have to decide what format you would want to follow for all your podcast episodes. Are you going to follow a Q&A, interview format for your business or are you going to go for a multi-host podcast? A tip here would be to keep it naturally flowing than scripted.
  • Decide on a medium for recording your podcasts. Depending upon your format, you can pick an ideal medium for your podcasts. You may use a phone voice recorder, Speaker, Google Hangouts or WebEx, based on the format and theme of your podcast.
  • If you want to add music and do light editing to your podcast, you may want to use an audio workstation such as that of GarageBand or Audacity. Both these platforms are available free of cost.
  • Now that you have your first episode ready to be added, you will need platforms for podcasting it. Typical platforms for podcasting include SoundCloud, Libsyn, and Speaker.
  • Following this, you need to get your podcast on one or more of the podcast directories including iTunes and Stitcher. Other than these podcast directories, you can also share your podcast episodes on your blog or website by embedding these. You may also go on to share these on social media and through emails.
  • Once you have started the process of creating podcasts, you have to be consistent. You must make sure to schedule your podcast on a weekly basis. You can use podcasts to cross-promote important company news and events as well.

Podcasts As Marketing Tools – Why Your Business Needs One

Podcasts are a great source of marketing. One way to approach podcasting to market your brand is by approaching popular podcasts on good podcast directories such as iTunes. Such popular, high ranking shows tend to have a good listenership. Once you find the right podcast for your business, to put out your message, you can start approaching them to be featured on one of their episodes. Use such opportunities to get your message across, to your target audience.

Podcasting lets you improve your search engine rankings as well. If you want to ensure that your message reaches out to your target audience, advertising is one sure-shot way to do that. Here’s an important tip: When you’re starting your own podcast, you don’t have a very big listenership but there’s enormous scope for scaling up. You can do this by promoting your podcast on other, well-established and popular podcast channels.

Content marketing can be carried out not only through social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter but also through podcasts. With the growing number of smartphone users, podcasts are also on the pathway to become an important marketing medium for brands. You too can tap into the potential of audio content to promote your brand.

It’s important to consider the fact that audio content is faster and easier to consume than written content. Leverage the podcast platform to bring subject matter experts and industry experts to give knowledgeable information. The audience is always looking for informative content and through your podcast, you can add value to your brand.

Most importantly, a podcast helps you expand your audience community. You can use podcasts to push for audience action. If you want to lead your audience to a particular landing page on your website, why not use your podcast to do so?
You can take inspiration from Shopify Masters podcast, which provides insights into how you can grow your online store.

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Shashank Jain
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