How To Give a Name For Your Future Blog?

How To Give a Name For Your Future Blog?
How To Give a Name For Your Future Blog?

Choosing the ideal name for your site (or business) can be called the most essential first step. A good name can not only determine the nature and value of your new structure but also play a vital role in attracting visitors’ attention.

When choosing the ideal name, you can easily make a mistake and go the wrong way. There was a case when a company paid one of the agencies $80,000 to get a professionally designed name that would have all the claims to the potential brand of the company.

Fortunately for those whose budget is more modest, there are simple ways to create a memorable and effective name easy and for free.

So, let’s consider a few options for solving the “naming” issue.


Brainstorming is a great way to give impetus to your idea. Start by creating a list of 4-5 directly related to your niche keywords that characterize your business or website content in the most concise and objective way. After that, you can start playing with combinations, add prefixes and modifiers. For example, if you create a site for a mortgage company, you can experiment with words like “mortgage,” “home,” “property,” “finance,” “equity,” etc… until you make the most effective combination.

You can come up with a few more abstract words related to the subject matter of your site and then use them to create frivolous words or phrases that cause funny associations and genuine interest. This option is particularly suitable for companies trying to shop themselves in a young and playful way. Here are some good real examples of how you can name a company:

  • Eat My Words” – a name of a small but very popular copywriting agency.
  • Pugs and Kisses” – a sign on a private and also very successful pet care center.

Common sense

If you are trying to narrow down the list of possible ideal names, there are a few special rules that have been applied to most successful company names:

1. Visitors should have a clear idea of what’s waiting for them on your website. The ideal name should give your visitors an understanding of the core functions of your business long before they know anything about you. Let visitors know what your site represents even before they go there.

2. Make your name easy to pronounce. The name of a site or business should be as simple, capacious, and easy to pronounce so that any user can quickly and effortlessly type it into the address bar. A long or intricate name, most likely, will be misspelled.

3. Do not limit your future growth. When choosing names beware of those that may limit the future growth of your business in other areas of the market, i.e. do not include the name of a particular product or service in the name’s content. When choosing the ideal name, focus on the future direction of your business or site.

If you are working on finding a unique name or domain address in your area of the market, you can invent a completely new word. Sometimes such a decision is the most appropriate. Such names and titles are guaranteed unique. However, you risk confusing your target audience. Instead of using beautiful but meaningless combinations of words, consider names that consist of abbreviations of several, having a real sense for you, words.

A few examples:

  • Acura” is a car brand whose name comes from “accuracy.”
  • Compaq” was a computer company based on the production of compact technologies.

After you have narrowed down your list to 4-5 favorite names, you can test them. First of all, check them for availability using search engines and special domain checkers. This is a mandatory action which will protect you from possible problems (or even lawsuits) in the future.

If none of the above helps you and the search for the ideal name for your site has become infeasible, consider using professional services. Today, you can find many experienced and talented marketers on freelance that are able to come up with creative, memorable, and expressive names and domains in no time. Many of them will readily provide you with additional services, such as logo design creation.

Author bio: Roy is a tech enthusiast, a loving father of twins, a program in a custom software company, editor in chief of greedy reader, and a gardener.


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