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How To Generate Name Ideas For Dating Business

There are many hurdles involved when creating a dating business. As well as ensuring you choose the right niche, you’ll need competent web design, you’ll have to incorporate a robust financial software, and before any of that, you’ll have to put together an infallible business plan. Choosing an idea for your date site might seem like one of the more straightforward aspects of your entrepreneurial scheme. But it’s not. The name you opt for will become your trademark, the defining aspect of your venture. Choose well and your title can take pride of place alongside Match, eHarmony, Iwantu or any of the others that are already household names in online dating. Pick something unsuitable and your entire business could fail before it has even started. So what are the best ways of generating a successful name for a dating business?

No need to rewrite the wheel

There might be an argument for waiting for that ‘eureka’ moment when you might suddenly have a spark of inspiration. But an excellent pointer towards generating a suitable name for your dating business is referring to existing websites. There are already thousands out there, ‘flirt’ to ‘match,’ ‘eharmony’ to ‘elite,’ and countless others. Spend some time browsing through these – obviously, you can’t use a name that’s already been taken but you can get useful insight from using successful brands as your sounding board.

Something descriptive

The name must convey a sense of what lies beyond the title bar of the website. What could be more apt than entitling your dating venture ‘flirt’ – a short name that’s easy to remember, its single syllable ideal for typing into a search bar? It also describes one of the main activities that take place on this web platform. Other titles, like ‘Zoosk,’ are previously unfamiliar words that quickly assume a new relevance. How to generate descriptive ideas – again, refer to the Internet. Spend a while browsing through lists of names connected with dating and relationships.

Keep it short and snappy

One of the most important aspects of any website, let alone a dating outlet, is that it is catchy. The name should roll off the tongue, and if you’re searching for it, or chatting about it with your friends, it must be memorable and succinct.

How well will it integrate with a theme?

An important attribute for any title is that it can readily integrate with the web platform your dating business uses to interact with your site visitors. The name might lend itself to a particular font, or the design of a graphic to be displayed alongside. Perhaps the name might suggest a specific color scheme. There’s site entitled ‘RedHotPie’ that would lend itself to hot colors (reds, oranges) rather than cool tones (blues, greens.) The theme you choose for your website can become indicative of your brand and marketing strategy, so the name has to slot seamlessly into these considerations.

Be mindful of geography

The dating world is slanted towards the USA, the UK, Western and Eastern Europe, and Australasia, but there are equally committed singles all over the globe signing up to sites. You need to be careful when generating name ideas that you don’t choose something that might seem catchy and sexy, but is offensive in certain major languages! Research before you register your domain!

This is about dating – so get emotional

Yes, there’s a place for functional names, but you can also have a lot of fun generating names. Loveaholic is a perfect example of a title that is both imaginative and tongue-in-cheek – it also alludes to addiction! Get thinking along similar lines.

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