Whether as an individual or a business, expanding your online presence is likely to be important to you. Perhaps you have your own personal blog site that you want to build an audience for or a start-up business that you want to promote online; even established businesses can benefit from ensuring that they’re getting as much traffic through to their website as possible.

Whatever your reasons for wanting to expand your presence online, there are plenty of ways to do so; keep reading for some of the easiest and most effective methods to try.

Optimize Your Website’s Design

Your first port of call is your website. Ensuring that its design is optimal is one of the best things you can do to enhance your online presence and build your audience or customer base. Take some time to go through every single page, checking the content is readable and error-free, making sure that all images are high-quality, and that all links and e-Commerce elements are fully functional.

As part of assessing your site – or if you haven’t yet set up a personal or business website – you may decide to start from scratch. If this is the case, then a website builder is likely to be your best option, and you can learn more about website builders here. The beauty of this software is that it’s easy to use, affordable, and delivers professional results. You may even be able to get set up in a matter of hours.

Choose from a range of custom templates to design your site and even add e-Commerce. Most builders will automatically sort out integrations, navigation, and SEO elements, helping traffic to arrive organically at your virtual door and thereby growing your presence online.

Get to Grips with SEO

Gaining a good understanding of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is vital when it comes to boosting your online presence. In a nutshell, effective SEO means that your personal or business site is likely to feature higher up the search rankings when someone plugs in relevant details. So top-notch SEO would result in your website – that focuses on cookery – featuring on the first couple of pages of the Google results if someone searches for ‘best easy recipes,’ for example.

There are a multitude of resources and online courses available to teach you about SEO and how to use it. To get started, several free platforms allow you to find the most effective SEO keywords for your niche; once you’ve found these, ensure that they are used regularly in your content and are also embedded in the meta tags and meta titles of anything you post, too.

Be Active Online

You may be surprised at just how much you can amp up your online presence simply by maintaining an active presence online. This means you should have a regular posting schedule regarding your website and social media platforms, which will keep your site and content fresh, and your visitors coming back to read your new blog posts or watch your just-out-the-box videos. On top of this, engage with your followers online, whenever you can, by responding to their comments or getting involved in a relevant discussion.

For business owners, keeping an active presence on industry forums or networking sites is a good way to boost your online presence – and nurture beneficial connections, too.

Create a Newsletter and Mailing List

Another relatively easy way to boost your online status is to create a mailing list and send out regular newsletters, exclusive promotions and discounts, and details of new products, ranges, or new content alerts to your subscribers.

This is a great way to build engagement, as well as a regular audience, and can help to foster loyalty, too. Consider bringing an end to your emails or newsletters with a clear call to action, encouraging readers to click through to your site, or a newly added blog post.

Consider Influencer Marketing

Influencers are a powerful way to get information out about a brand or business and get you noticed online. Research your options to find out if any newly emerging influencers may be prepared to give yours a mention in return for free products or cross-promotional purposes.

If you decide to go down this route, make sure that the influencer you choose best represents your brand, in terms of niche, style, tone, and audience, for the best results. Getting mentioned by an influencer will almost certainly result in a big spike of those searching for you or your business online.

Analyze the Results

Finally, it’s really important to use analytical tools to frequently assess how well each initiative you deploy to build your online presence is working. Before setting out, have clear, quantifiable goals in mind: do you want to boost your subscriber list by a set amount or see more organic traffic coming through to your website or blogging platform? Whatever your goal is, use analytic tools to measure its success. Depending on these results, tweak things that aren’t delivering quite as well as you’d like, and ramp up your efforts on the actions that are going well.


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