How to Create a Strong Hookup Dating Site Name


Dating sites can be very difficult to name on their own. After all, these sites have to stand out and communicate the right information about the site or otherwise people won’t visit them. However, a hookup dating site faces even more scrutiny because it is a niche form of date site that has more expectations placed upon the name. Looking at some of the unofficial rules for creating a strong hookup dating site name reveals that there are some clear ways to get the name right for a site of this sort.

Remember the Site’s Purpose

The site’s purpose is the first thing that you are going to want to consider when creating a strong hookup dating site. Your dating site name should be something that is self-explanatory in terms of its purpose. When you see site names like, you can understand the site’s purpose almost immediate. You are going to use that site to have a naughty date while you are online. When naming a site, it should be that clear about what the site is going to offer the user.

Focus on Pronunciation

Don’t use complicated words or something that can be misunderstood when you are saying the name. The last thing you want is for people to start spreading your site’s name by word of mouth and accidentally misname it to their friend. Not only are you going to miss out on the new member, but it’s an indicator that your name is too difficult to say or spell. Most of the time, this isn’t something that you have to worry about, but remember to use somewhat simple words in the name title. If you have to use a thesaurus, you are trying too hard.

Trustworthiness is Important

There are a lot of dating sites out there which are a little shady and you can pick up on it by their names. You don’t want to make any promises or guarantees when you are naming your site. It should not reference the chance to hookup instantly, tonight, or in minutes. You want the person to come to the site with realistic expectations because most of the time if something sounds too good to be true, then it is. Even if you have the best hookup dating site in the world, it’s always smart to let your site speak for itself.

Make It Memorable

You want a memorable dating site name so that people will hear about it from another source and then type it in their browser later on that night. You don’t want someone to have the name on the tip of their tongue and then not be able to recall it. To make it memorable, keep the name short and sweet while you follow the other tips on this list.

Don’t Put in Special Characters like Numbers.

The final thing that you want to remember when naming a hookup dating site is that you want a clean name. Nobody is going to want to visit a site that includes numbers because it suggests that there is another site out there that is similar and your site is not the original. Avoid numbers unless it is very significant to your site’s purpose or offerings in some way.

A good dating site name for a hookup site can be hard to discover. When you take into account the site name’s purpose, pronunciation, trustworthiness, and memorability while simultaneously removing things like numbers, you ultimately create a powerful name. It can be hard to create site names quickly and easily at first, but by following these basic tips, your hookup site name will pop off the screen and make people want to join.


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