How to Come up with a Cool Business Name

Starting a new business takes time, energy, and money. You have already got a business plan, potential partners and clients, so you are ready to go for it. There is only one thing is missing – a cool brand name. Business names are everywhere. They around us in the streets, on the internet, even in the toilet. How to come up with a business name that is creative and simple at the same time? How to amplify your message and impact people? Writing experts from know where creative business name ideas come from.

Creating a Business Name: Choose Your Own Method

No doubts, a great business name can pull more people into what you have to offer. So, how to choose a business name? There is a little secret – it is critical to create a brand that reflects what your target market is after. If people don’t understand the value that you can bring, they will pay you no attention. It is like the high school paper – your title says it all. If you can’t come up with one, buy a cheap essay to get the highest mark.

So, while coming up with a business name, take into account the following methods.

Catchy Business Name Ideas for Small Companies

These methods are the answer to “how to name your business.”

Eponymous – giving their name to something. For example, Nikola Tesla didn’t create “Tesla,” but that is where the brand comes from. The same method applies to “Ford,” “Hoover,” etc. So, if you have a cool last or first name, then go for it.

Descriptive – you are seeking to describe something. “Toys”R”Us” (it is not so hard to guess what the company sells) or E*Trade (electronic trading) are great examples. The client knows what you are selling straight away.

Acronym – abbreviation formed of the first letters of the words. For instance, “KFC” – Kentucky Fried Chicken. The full name is a bit of a mouthful and sounds unhealthy. That is why they have come up with a nice and easy brand like “KFC.” NASA is another example. Of course, it’d be stupid to name the company “Online project management homework help”, but the abbreviation always works. So, while choosing a business name, you can abbreviate your company to something that rolls of the tongue, and that is fun to say.

Composite/ Anchor method – made up of several parts or elements. “GymShark” is a cool example of a composite brand name. “Market Hero,” “Happy Socks,” “Best Buy” are the anchors. They not only put two words together but also use anchor technique as well.

Big Companies: How to Name a Business

Suggestive method – tending to suggest an idea. Uber is a term for “one of the best” – the best people, the best things, really high-end stuff. Obviously, they want to be the best at getting people from A to B. “Kayak” is something you roll around in and it is also a holiday booking website. Kayaking is what you do on holidays, so the company “says”: we are selling holidays.

Invented – made up or created. For example, Pinterest is not even a word. It is a “pin” and “interest” which are combined. If you want to create something that is made up, it probably will be harder, just because you need to put more money into making people aware of what your company is about.

Idea / Emotion – a thought or feeling. When you think of an apple, you think of simplistic design and ease of use. The idea the company was trying to get across is in simplicity.

Associative – involving the association of things. The Amazon River is one of the biggest rivers by water flow in the world. The “Amazon” is a site where you can buy pretty much everything on the Internet. Have you got the idea? Now, try to guess why did they name the company “Virgin”?

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