How To Come Up With A Business Name: Tips and Examples

A good business name resonates with your brand personality. It’s short, memorable, and not hard to spell. 

You can come up with your business name using your creativity. However, there are more than 30 million small businesses in the USA. That’s why the Small Business Administration suggests you opt for a business name that not only serves the purpose of standing out. 

It is equally important to choose the right name, as the wrong name can cause overwhelming business loss, failure, and legal hurdles.

Clear and influential names are beneficial in branding and marketing the business.

Following are the Tips and Examples of business name selection:

Tip1: Don’t Pick Business Names that Limit Business Growth

Always select a business name with the capability of adding growth prospects. For example, if you are opening a grocery shop. Registering your business with the name “chase value” would be better than “online” grocery. It would help you to add more product lines instead of having grocery only.

Tip 2: Don’t Use Hard to Spell or Ambiguous Business Name

Business owners should avoid hard-to-spell and ambiguous names, for example, if it uses 

“Stellthee”. The owner made it too far from the original word” Stealthy”. Removing the original word destroys the business name. Your audience cannot resonate with services or products with the name of a business.

Tip 3: Ensure the Business Name Is Not Already Copyright And Trademark By Other Company

It is necessary to check your business name with trademarks availability. Please ensure the business name you choose is not legally taken by any other company and is not copyrighted and trademarked. Next, you need to conduct a google search. If it is not available there, you may choose. 

Tip 4: Choose A Descriptive Name and Descriptive Domain Name

The business name should ideally convey a meaning that is positive, related to your product and services and is meaningful for your business. The meaningless nam like google, zapie etc. do not give your customer a meaning. They are catchy name but not descriptive. However,  “Grammarly” is a very descriptive name. And choosing a domain, makes sense.

Tip 5: Make Sure A “.com”  Domain Name.

It is preferable to buy a .com domain because it has a good impact. The experts also give solid preferences for the .com domain. There are other business domains available like .com, .org, . Biz. However, customers give preference to the .com domain. Sometimes the business name you selected does not have the .com domain available. So, you can purchase your desired domain at the right price from the relevant party.

Tip 6: Conduct A Trademark Research

If you also want to confirm that another company does not register your business name and domain as a trademark. You need to perform research on It will give you an idea of whether you can get a trademark or service mark for your business name.

Tip 7: Conduct a Secretary State Research

It is necessary to conduct business name research when you are going to choose a particular state. You can perform this research by using a database of Secretary State Research. This research is necessary as once a business entity has registered as an LLC, its name should be distinct from other businesses already working in this state.


Taking decisions on business names is essential. The primary takeaway of the article is that choosing a business name requires you to put in your best efforts. Your business name should be unique and easy to pronounce. In addition, it must be different from any other business that previously existed.

Not only that, you need to select a name that helps the growth of your business. Once you have chosen the right business name, you must pick a .com domain. It is also necessary to check your business for a trademark. There is also a requirement to match the company’s name in the secretary of state database in the relevant state to recheck any confusion after registering the business LLC. Selecting the right business name is key to success.

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