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How to choose the material of dresses for bridesmaids

The star of a wedding should be a bride because her gown is not only outstanding but also beautiful. It doesn’t add up when the bride is beautifully dressed while the bridesmaids look boring. This means that bridesmaids experience a lot of pressure in ensuring that they match up with the bride’s elegance. There are different ways that can be applied to ensure that bridesmaids add glamor to a wedding. The style of clothing, makeup, jewelry, and material of dresses are some of the ways of standing out. 

Shopping for the most suitable fabric for bridesmaid dresses can be a daunting task. If it is your first time doing it, you will probably be spoilt for choice. You could also end up making mistakes. There are fabrics that make dresses for particular events. There are those fabrics that can make mind-blowing dresses for bridesmaids. 

As you shop for fabric, you need to understand that there is a major difference between finish and fabric. If you are not careful, you might end up being attracted by the beauty of a finish and think that it is the best fabric for your dress. To avoid this mistake, let’s discuss these differences. Fabric refers to material such as polyester, rayon, silk, nylon, and cotton among others. Finishes on the other hand refer to satin, taffeta, chiffon just to mention a few. Before you make a decision, closely check the material. However, you need a combination of finishes and fabric to design a phenomenal dress for the wedding. Below is a description of the most suitable materials of dresses for bridesmaids. 


Chiffon is a unique material that is flowing and lightweight. Chiffon bridesmaid dresses cannot cling to your body. When talking about the benefits of chiffon, we cannot overlook the comfort that they give. For hot weather, chiffon can never disappoint you. This material is most suitable for daytime or outdoor weddings. Its lightweight keeps bridesmaids cool and free to move around. They come in different colors so be sure to choose your favorite. 

The best thing about chiffon is that it looks great on all types of bodies. Whether short, tall, thin, or plump, chiffon is a great choice. A well-designed dress made of chiffon can not only conceal body bumps but also flatter that feminine shape of bridesmaids. 


This is yet another material that closely resembles chiffon and draping power. However, voile has more weight. In most cases, it is applied to cotton blends as well as cotton. The end result is breathable and lightweight fabric. It is a sheer fabric with some luminosity features. Just like chiffons, you can use make a dress for daytime or outdoor wedding using voile. Voile can also match with wedding decorations. 


When you think of silk, the texture that you envision is satin. Do you know that silk works well with all finishes? You want to bring the best version of femininity. Satin is soft and smooth bringing that gentle look. It is also lightweight meaning that it is comfortable and makes it easy to move around. In outdoor weddings, you don’t need extra weight, a satin dress makes you feel like floating around. Note that there are different degrees of softness. Choose the softness that feels suitable for the day. It is great for form-fitting styles because it drapes with the bridesmaid’s body. For those nighttime and formal weddings, this is a great fabric. If you know that the wedding will be held in hot weather or a place with high heat, avoid satin because it easily shows sweat. 


You are not wrong when you say that it is a cousin to satin. Most of its properties are similar to those of satin. It has the same drape and sheen as satin. However, it is softer and lighter. Its drape is more liquid than that of satin. It is made of silt but other synthetic fibers made be used. If you are looking for fabric that is incredibly luxurious, go for charmeuse. Charmeuse is best suited for nighttime or formal weddings. It also shows sweat within a short time so if you know that the wedding day will be hot, avoid it. 


All events cannot be held during the summer, you need to have suitable options for winter weddings. Mikado is stiffer and heavier than most fabrics. This blended fabric is suitable for structure dresses. Also, note that it has a subtle texture and a slight sheen. Most people use Mikado for making winter dresses. It keeps you warm and comfortable for cold weather.


Taffeta and dupioni are similar in structure and weight. This material is a bit weighty but is holds its shape quite well. We cannot overlook the fact that it is crisp. Taffeta is tightly woven and smooth. Light can enhance the appearance of taffeta sheen. The different changes in color make taffeta an impressive material. It appears matte in a place that has natural or dim lighting. It appears shiny in-studio or bright lighting. You can imagine the beautiful pictures that you can make wearing a dress made of this material. Its versatility makes it suitable for both night and day weddings. For a formal wedding, this material will definitely bring the vibe. It also has a casual feel so don’t limit yourself. All you need is to use your creativity to enhance your appearance.


If you are looking for a material that holds its shape, this is yet another great choice. If bridesmaids have decided to wear a dress with structural pleats, faille cannot disappoint. It also makes dresses with a large volume. However, it is quite difficult to change the shape of your dress. It poofs and ironing may not work best. While making your decision, it is important to have that in mind. Faille can be applied to different fabrics such as viscose, rayon, cotton, and silk. It is seasonless meaning that it is suitable for both night and day weddings.

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