How to Choose an Appropriate Topic for the Story You Make Up


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A central part of your story, project, essay, article, or the paper is its title or topic. Hence, you should put the best effort in giving your papers and writings the best theme and topic, because, without any doubt, the topic is what projects your work to the audience who sees it whether they simply wish to read it or grade it for marks or other assessments. And ultimately, your topic and theme also guide you in the process of writing.

How to come up with a theme appears to be an overwhelming task for many, and many written papers get downgraded because of the inappropriateness of the title. Thus, this post aims at showing writing themes that are suitable for the story or paper you write. Even if you wish to pay for writing papers online, the correctness and relevance of your topic will guide the writer in producing the most excellent paper that will earn you credits.

Therefore, the following are important elements that should influence the topic or theme you come up with for your writing:

1.   Decide Why You Write

There are various reasons why you may have decided to put your words into expression. You may be only interested in writing an essay for class work or delving into the world of creativity by writing a short story or a novel. All of these rationales behind writing will surely have an impact on the type of topic you choose to write on.

Generally, creative writing allows you a great deal of freedom in selecting your topic; you are free to be very expressive in what you choose for your title, while an essay or an article writing generally requires a strict topic and referencing style such as using APA which has to fully explain the topic of the discussion.

2.    Determine Your Writing Niche

Writing a fiction versus writing non-fiction can also have a significant effect on your writing. Non-fictional works have to be based on facts and information that are already established in other sources, which tends to tilt your title towards objectivity. But a fictional work can take various forms, and you again have the freedom to manipulate words to bring out the beauty of your expression.

For example, non-fiction can have a title such as a Role and Function of Modern Technology in Creative Writing, while a fictional story can simply take on a title such as Lord of the Flies. Thus, you should place attention to the niche when you are choosing a topic for your story.

3.    Put Your Audience in Mind

Your audience dictates to a very large extent what should be your topic. The freedom with which you string your words together in your writing should be based on the need of your audience, because you are directly writing for them and pleasing them should be what you should make your priority.

Writing a science inclined topic for a literary audience may not be very suitable, and at the same time, giving an art-oriented topic for a scientific journal may be out of place. Creating a science fiction topic may not appeal to a group of adult readers, but this may be the most appropriate for a teen audience.

4.    Writing Medium

Are you writing for a journal, a blog, a newspaper, or for an email? All of these writing media require the appropriate tone in choosing the title or theme of writing. Often, journals require very strict usage of words, while a blog can be very informal or conversational in tone while writing. Thus, your topic should be chosen as appropriate for the writing medium that you have chosen to use.

5.    Brainstorm and Put Down Your Thoughts

Now that you have seen the factors that should inform the choice of the topic for your writing, you also need to adequately brainstorm and put down your thoughts on the topics that prop up in your mind for your story. The truth is that many likely topics will come to your mind, and you should try not to discard any at this stage because you might never know whether that is your award-winning topic.

6.    Put Your Theme in Mind

We can’t overemphasize the fact that the theme and the plot of your story has a great tendency to influence your topic. Having a topic that is entirely disintegrated from your story or writing makes very little sense. Even if you are trying to get creative with the topic of your story, you still have to make it reflect the theme of your writing.

7.    Test Run Your Topic, Make Adjustments

Now that you have brainstormed and arrived at likely topics with your theme in mind, you still have to put your topic into a test; trying to visualize it in as many perspectives as you can find, and also understanding it. The results you get from this ‘test run’ will then lead you to make necessary adjustments that will finally result in you having the perfect topic you need to bestow on your story or writing.

A great tip for your writing is that you should also try to make others read through your topic and get them to give objective comments and remarks. You can also pay for a writing service to do this for you so as to help you improve your writing. Many times, others see better what we can’t see by ourselves as writers due to our biases.

And that’s it, if you follow the steps above, you are definitely going to have the topic that is not only appropriate but also perfect for your story or writing and make yourself proud of the effort you have put into your writing. Always remember that the first impression a reader has about your writing or story is the title, therefore, you should always be ready to put your best foot forward.

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Shashank Jain
Shashank Jain, founder of good-name, a young and energetic entrepreneur has always been fond of technology. His liking for technology made him go for engineering in computers. During his studies, he learned & worked on different computer languages & OS including HBCD, Linux, etc. He also has a keen interest in ethical hacking.

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