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Choosing a good team name is a very important step. Your team name defines what you are. You might be surprised to know that people do check this out. Every small detail such as logo, color, symbol, and many more things matters a lot. Let’s say you are creating a team for a golf tournament in Quinta da Ria Golf Course. After you have selected your teammates, the next thing you need to focus on is your team name and the logo. In this article, we will help you come up with an amazing name.

Remember, you have to always hear what your teammate got. There is no “I” in the word team. As a captain of your team, you should be open yourself to suggestion. This will not only keep unity in your team but it also creates a strong bond between you and teammates.

You might find a pattern in many team names. This is because mostly the team name is picked by sponsors. However, if you have to choose your team name then below are some tips that you should consider when generating your team name.


Ask your team members to brainstorms themselves and come up with some unique and great names. There are a few things that you need to keep in mind while brainstorming. First of all, do remember the game. The team name should be related to the game. Let’s say you came up with the name “The sharpshooters”. This name isn’t suitable because golf doesn’t require aiming. It is more like a shooting game rather than a golf name.

However, you can take help from different team names to brainstorm. The team name can be funny (Flying Monkeys), intimidating (Phoenix), a number or numbers (68ers), clever (Tee party), etc. One of the best ways is to vote for a name. Your team members came up with different names. You can call out for voting so that all of your team members agree on it happily.

Consider Sponsorship

You don’t want to disappoint your sponsors and that is why you should also consider your sponsor’s advice. Furthermore, adding your sponsor’s name also cheers your sponsors too. For example, Evil Geniuses is a team name that is sponsored by Monster Energy Drink. Evil Geniuses have added Monster to their banner. In every game, you will see Monster’s name under the name Evil Geniuses.

Choosing Logo and Colours

After deciding the name of your team, the next step is to choose the appropriate logo and colour. Let’s take an example of Virtus Pro. You can check the banner, it’s a white angry panda. Virtus Pro is a Russian team and Russia is famous for pandas. Did you see that the panda represents Russia?

If you look further, the angry sign shows aggression. This means that the team doesn’t take defeat as an answer. It empowers the players so no matter how difficult the situation is, giving up isn’t an option.

Colour also matters a lot. You won’t see them in the banner but player’s jerseys will show you. For example, you will see players of Evil Geniuses is blue. As a matter of fact, they use #bleedblue as their signature.


After assembling the team, the next important step is to choose the appropriate name for your team. Many people think it doesn’t matter much however they are wrong. Your team name and banner will represent you. A good name, as well as a banner, is important. You should think a lot before you decide because a bad name can give the wrong impression to people. 

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Shashank Jain
Shashank Jain, founder of good-name, a young and energetic entrepreneur has always been fond of technology. His liking for technology made him go for engineering in computers. During his studies, he learned & worked on different computer languages & OS including HBCD, Linux, etc. He also has a keen interest in ethical hacking.

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