How to Choose a Catchy Name for Your Website

How to Choose a Catchy Name for Your Website
How to Choose a Catchy Name for Your Website

We can think of online web addresses as being similar to traditional billboards. They are intended to immediately grab the attention of the viewer in order to elicit some type of action (such as navigating to a homepage or clicking upon a contact link).

This is why choosing the most appropriate name for your portal is crucial in terms of enjoying a high rate of inbound hits. What are some effective strategies to employ and are there any mistakes to avoid along the way? Let us quickly take a look at a handful of basic concepts to keep in mind so that you can establish a strong digital presence from the very beginning.

The Role of Consumer Marketing

Content marketing should always be taken into account when looking for an appropriate name for your website. It is already obvious that the chosen title will need to reflect what the portal in question has to offer. Let’s imagine for a moment that your site is offering free baccarat games.

Common SEO terms such as “play baccarat” are likely to be used by those who are searching for such a site. It is therefore wise to try to include these phrases within the address itself. However, the chances are high that the most well-known names have already been taken. This is when it is wise to think outside of the box.

Take a moment to think about what factors serve to define your portal. For instance, sites offering free services should include the word “free” within the address. If you are catering to an audience located within a certain area (such as London), try to embed this feature within the title text.

The main takeaway point here is that specificity goes a long way towards attracting a niche base of followers and as a result, any visitors who happen to click on your site are more likely to be interested in what you are offering.

Some Pitfalls to Avoid from the Start

There are also many mistakes which can cost your valuable online exposure if they are not recognised from the start. Perhaps the most common error is to assume that more is better in regards to a page name. On the contrary, keep it short and to the point. Lengthy and confusing titles will be more difficult for users to remember.

Also, never use misleading terms or statements within the title. For example, do not use the term “free” if you are actually charging a fee to access a service or product. Not only will such an approach detract from the quality of your portal, but Google has classified this as a “black hat” practice and you could very well be penalised in terms of search page rankings.

It could very well take you days or even weeks to decide upon an appropriate website name. However, such efforts will always be rewarded if you possess the clarity and insight required to make the best decision when the time is right.


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