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How to Check the History of a Used Car?

Having opted for a used car, you should conduct a thorough vehicle check online apart from its visual inspection and test drive. To do this, you will need the vehicle registration number and VIN code. In this post, we will guide you on how to run such a check and what nuances to pay attention to.

What Is the Purpose of the Check?

As a rule, a car seller wants to show the vehicle only from its best side. The purpose of checking the history of the vehicle and getting the DMV vehicle report is to obtain confirmation that the vehicle is in a good condition and that there are no problems with the device.

A used car is like any other used item: you never know how it was treated. In most cases, the golden rule for buying a used car is that if something looks too good to be true, it probably isn’t. A low price or mileage, no indication of problems should serve as a sign that special attention should be paid to the history and condition of the vehicle.

How to Check the History of a Used Car?
How to Check the History of a Used Car?

How to Carry out a Thorough Inspection of the Car?

Here are some organizations you can turn to or operations you can run to obtain full information about a particular vehicle. Based on the VIN code and registration number, information about a car can be obtained in the “Vehicle control” section on the website of the electronic office of the Road Administration.

Some advertisements contain only the vehicle registration number. In this case, all the necessary information will be available to you in the database of the electronic office of the Road Administration:

  • The validity period of the motor, third-party liability insurance, and technical inspection. If the latter is coming to an end, ask the seller to send the car for a technical inspection even before the transaction is made. This will help avoid many problems;
  • Official technical data, including country of origin;
  • Restrictions imposed on the car: a ban on the sale, transfer mark.

Having VIN-code data, you can get more detailed information about the car:

  • Detailed information on motor, third-party liability insurance, that is, the contract number, the name of the insurance company, and the start of the insurance;
  • A graph of the car mileage recorded during technical inspections — For a used car, it should increase more or less in the same proportion. If at some point the car has been driven significantly more or less, you should ask the seller about a reason. If the graph shows a drop, that is, for some reason, the mileage has decreased compared to the past, the odometer readings have been changed;
How to Check the History of a Used Car?
How to Check the History of a Used Car?
  • Technical inspection data — You will know the grade of mechanical parts of the car when the inspection was carried out. Repeated technical inspections are also shown. Thus, the cases when the car did not pass the technical inspection the first time will be also recorded;
  • Car deals (registration, change of ownership, and other official transactions) — If the car is claimed to have only one owner, there should not be a single record of such change. In case you get different information at the Road Administration office, then you should consider getting a different vehicle.

If for some reason the seller refuses to provide the registration number of the car, then the vehicle may have some problems recorded in its history. It can be either in poor technical condition, be severely damaged, or even stolen.

By the way, the Highway Department’s website also covers a database where you can access information regarding stolen vehicles. Make sure to check it before making a purchase deal.

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