How to Attract Local Black Singles with Your Business Brand Name

No doubt you have thought of a number of clever names for your business. Perhaps you have even settled on a favorite. But there is a lot more to it than coming up with a catchy name. A business’s name should be reflective of its character and mission. Doing so will aid in promoting your products and services better – not to mention it saves you from landing in legal hot water.

Finding the right name becomes a lot more important when you specifically talk about starting an online dating site, and that too for black singles. Understand that there is a direct correlation between the name you choose for your dating site and its eventual success.

Not only does a site with the wrong name fails to connect with its target audience, but it also faces overwhelming legal and commercial obstacles down the road. On the other hand, having a strong and memorable name can tremendously benefit your marketing and branding efforts.

Picking the Right Brand Name to Target Local Black Singles

Young people today frequently use dating websites to meet potential partners. To fulfill the demand, hundreds of online dating services have emerged. As a result, your new dating business needs to earn the confidence of its target demographic before it can become a go-to for people looking for serious relationships. 

Starting a dating site for black singles is a great idea, in that black folks face more challenges when dating as compared to their white counterparts. With that in mind, having a memorable and distinctive name for your dating site is the first step in attracting consumers. Aside from analyzing the market and existing top dating sites for local black singles, here is what to keep in mind when choosing a brand name for your business.

Pay Attention to the Target Audience

A brand name that does not resonate with your target audience is not going to work. Make sure your dating service’s name reflects who you are trying to attract. Who is your company’s perfect client? Do not just give a vague response; be specific. 

For instance, in this case, you are targeting black singles as your main audience. Know how to attract them with a name that shares a bit about their lifestyle. You also need to consider if you are targeting young singles or if you want mature black singles to join your platform. 

There are dating sites that cater to the teen and young adult demographic, sites that cater to the middle-aged, and sites that cater to the senior population. Consider the focus of your site and make it visible through your site name. 

Stay Away from Difficult Names

While you may feel tempted to use a name that talks with black singles, do not make it too difficult to spell. Choose a memorable and easy-to-pronounce name for your dating service. The name must be simple enough for the target audience to both say and spell.

It is not good for business if potential customers have trouble locating your company on the web just because they mistyped the name. You probably want to avoid the hassle of always having to explain why people keep getting your name wrong. Do not complicate things.

Use Symbolism in a Catchy Way

In other words, you need to ensure that the site’s name uses “emotional words” or terms associated with online dating. If you are looking for a name for your company, you should not settle for something mundane but should not go too far outside the box. 

When coming up with possible names for your company through the use of wordplay, it might be helpful to incorporate words with strong emotional connotations. Words that make you feel something—love, camaraderie, passion, or even lust—will be more likely to be read. Associate your brand with what matters to the business you run by giving meaning and message to all your users. Adding symbolic words, such as cupid, winks, etc., along with the word “black,” “Black Pride,” “hipster,” or something relatable would work better.

Make Use of the Location

A great idea is to make your brand name location specific so that black singles in your area know you are there to help them find a hookup nearby. Simply adding the word “local” to your brand name may work, but you can also be more specific if you want.


The fact of the matter is that anyone can start a dating business, but not everyone can make it work. You have to be careful with the niche you select and how you appeal to that audience. The more specific you are, the higher the chances of you becoming a “go-to” hookup place for your target audience. Just take your time and ensure that the business brand name you pick is easy to remember and attractive to black singles in your area. And do not forget to check the availability of a domain name when finalizing a business brand.


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