How the tourmaline gems could improve your health?

Do you know of a gemstone that can improve your overall health? If you don’t then keep reading this article to get your answer.

Tourmaline is that precious gemstone that has a great impact on your physical as well as mental health. Tourmaline is a member of the aluminum borosilicate family and is made of various metals such as magnesium and iron. The gemstone can generate an electric charge, and emit negative ions and far infrared radiations that work with healing properties.

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Health benefits of tourmaline gemstone

Apart from its simple look, Tourmaline is also known as Electric crystal – the most effective energy-providing gemstone on the planet. The far infrared rays, negative ions, and alpha rays produced from this gem exert a powerful effect on your body and mind. Tourmaline benefits are on human health by these 3 factors are:

 Far infrared rays

These electromagnetic radiations promote detoxification and boost the body’s immune system. It maintains blood circulation, increases oxygenation, purifies the blood, and aids in organ detoxification.

The FIR radiations produced by tourmaline gemstone emit the same resonance in the body that is found in water. This resonance absorption aids in stress reduction, enhances alertness, increases blood circulation, and stimulates the immune system.

The various beneficial effects on the human body provided by this far infrared radiation therapy are the following:

  • It promotes blood flow and circulation.
  • It helps to rid the harmful toxins and cleans the blood.
  • It can lessen muscle spasms by warming the muscles
  • Increase body metabolism
  • It strengthens the immune system
  • It assists in releasing the tension and stress
  • It controls the neurological system and soothes pain from damaged nerves
  • It encourages having a restful sleep at night
  • It provides energy and releases fatigue


Negative ions

The negative ions produced by tourmaline gemstone help to transform the moisture in the air into useful negative ions, which counteract any possible damage from the free radicals that the positive ions may create. Tourmaline benefits may have health effects on those observed in nature due to the high levels of negative ions.

The positive ion concentration with low negative ions is linked to negative environmental conditions such as traffic pollutants, cigarette smoke, insecticides, phones, and power lines. In the modern era, these pollutants are difficult to eliminate, yet they produce positive ions which lead to dangerous free radicals that can cause cell injury and compromise health.

Tourmaline gemstone produces these negative ions and has various positive effects on the human body. Some health benefits of this precious gemstone are given below:

  • It can boost immunological function
  • Tourmaline gemstone – a cell regenerator
  • It maintains blood pressure
  • It dilates the arteries which improve blood circulation.
  • It helps in blood purification
  • It enhances cardiac performance and reduces the pulse

Alpha waves

Tourmaline stone produces alpha waves is another factor that makes it so healthy. This is significant because, according to experts, the human brain is capable of producing energy waves that pulse at various frequencies. Research has demonstrated that alpha waves in the brain are sluggish and when people are in an alpha state, their brains tend to obtain more oxygen, which in turn helps them to relax more and sleep more deeply.

The human brain can attain its alpha state more easily when people are exposed to this specific wave frequency. Numerous advantages exist in terms of rest, sleep, and emotional health. The positive impact of these alpha waves is following:

  • It enhances intelligence and supports brain health
  • It may aid in increasing mental clarity and concentration
  • It slows down the aging process
  • It releases stress
  • It enhances sleep patterns and sleep quality

Tourmaline gems have various health benefits according to their energy transmission either FIR or negative ions. By using these gemstones, you can overcome your stress from everyday life and enjoy a healthy lifestyle.


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