How Technology Revolutionized The World Of Sports


    Technology changed a lot of things and made a lot of aspects of living better. IN terms of communications, the telephone had gone a long way to the smartphones that you have now. In terms of computing, computers now have become smaller than ever and yet more powerful than ever, as compared to the bulky yet very weak technology back then. When it comes to sports, technology also played a big part in revolutionizing it.

    If you are a fan of sports and is also a sports bettor, you may have already experienced one way that tech changed sports through a modern way of betting, through apps such as cricket betting sites that you can download and gambler through. But more than that, how else had technology revolutionized the world of sports? Here are some ways.

    Live streaming

    Back in the day, witnessing a game of your favorite sport is not as easy as it is right now. Back then, you would either need to watch the game live in person at the venue, or settle for live radio coverage, or try to find a channel that has a live broadcast of the game—which was, back then, was a rare thing to happen. Eventually, pay-per-view offers were introduced, but it was usually pricey back then.

    Thus, to be able to see the game live, you would either need to buy tickets and go to the game venue or settle for live coverage which is a lesser experience, especially for a fan. However, through the help of technology, live games were made more accessible.

    Now, there are virtually countless choices for you to watch a game live, without the need to go to. Cable pay-per-view is cheaper now, and there are several on-demand streaming services–through websites and applications– that usually partner with sporting franchises for the live broadcast of their games. Not only that you now have a lot of choices for live viewing, but you can also watch these games anywhere through your computer or mobile device.

    Online sports betting

    Along with the popularity of sports is also the popularity of sports betting. Sports betting had been a thing ever since sports have been played professionally. Name any sport, and you can be sure that the sportsbook would be able to facilitate betting for it. Be it basketball, soccer, baseball, cricket, horse racing, golf, or even election results–you can wager your money on it.

    With the help of modern technology, sports betting had gone online. Now, bookies are operating through websites and mobile apps and can accept more bets for more sports than ever. For bettors, online sports betting is also a huge upgrade to their gambling experience. Now, they no longer need to go to a local bookie place and fall in a queue for the odds and line there. All it takes now is a simple visit to a site or a download of an app and you can do everything from viewing odds and lines, make bets, and even withdraw money all in just one place.

    Virtual sports

    Still closely related to online sports betting is the rise of virtual sports–a new way to enjoy sports and bet on it.

    What are virtual sports? Simply put, it is the same kind of sports that you may be enjoying now–basketball, football, even horse racing–only that, it is purely computer-generated and computer-controlled as well. The software works by having the virtual “players” play the game through the use of a random number generator that randomizes the results of each game played based on preset stats.

    Virtual sports were first developed in the 1960s when the first fantasy baseball game was developed in an old IBM computer. Back then, the file size for the game was around 11KB.


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