How helpful are NCERT Solutions for Board Exam preparation?


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Board exams have a vast syllabus. If you are aiming to clear your board exams with flying colors, it is necessary for you to be complete studying the entire syllabus. Completing the entire syllabus with utmost accuracy is important is the most important part. 

One of the most reliable and sought after study material for CBSE board exam preparations are the NCERT solutions. This is because the CBSE board itself recommends the NCERT books for Board exams. The National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT) is an autonomous organization of the Government of India. They provide study materials for all the subjects included in the CBSE syllabus. 

In this article, we shall discuss and elaborate in detail as to how the NCERT solution is helpful when included in your study process to ace the CBSE board exam 2020

  1. Simple language 

The main aim of these solutions is to help every student. It is made using simple language for all students to easily understand it irrespective of their comprehension levels. Every topic is explained in detail making it a very reliable study source for the students. Curated by subject matter experts, these solutions provide relevant explanations for the students. Therefore, by studying the NCERT books meticulously a student can clear all his doubts without much pressure.

  1. As per the CBSE syllabus

This is the main reason why the NCERT solutions are most trusted and helpful for the CBSE board exams. These books strictly follow the CBSE curriculum. They form the base for not only the board exams but for numerous other competitive exams like JEE as well. As it is written as per the CBSE syllabus, it covers each and every area of the syllabus in detail. 

  1. Clear fundamental concepts 

NCERT solutions are known to abide by the CBSE syllabus. What makes them more favorable, is their coverage of all the topics at the fundamental level. This helps the students to understand the concepts with crystal clarity. Once the concepts are clear, there is no need to memorize the chapter and its concepts. All you need to do during the exams is just to go over the formulas, the terms and their execution for revision. 

  1. Numerous practice sessions

Studying and practicing are two ways of learning. Studying is when you are re-learning a concept after being thought at school. However, without repeated practicing, the topics studied will not be retained in your mind. In NCERT books, you will find questions at the end of every chapter. These can be of various types like – short or long answer quizzes, match-the-following or fill-in-the-blanks questions. Practicing these questions and rechecking them with NCERT solutions will help you have an easy hand at the twisted questions that might be asked in the Board Exam. 

The NCERT books offer diverse exercises, problems, and assessments for practice. But sometimes you might feel stuck while answering the questions. This is because these exercises are created to test your conceptual understanding of the chapter and its topics. The easiest way to overcome this problem is to get the NCERT solutions available online on Vedantu. As the CBSE board follows the NCERT books, it is necessary to find accurate solutions that will help you boost your exam preparation. Vedantu NCERT Solutions available online as free PDF downloads is one of the most dependable study materials. It adheres to the CBSE curriculum and is provided with a detailed explanation of each and every question in the NCERT  book. 


NCERT Solutions are the most reliable study resources for board exam preparation. By religiously studying these solutions, there is no doubt that one can clear the Board Exams with flying colors.

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