How do you Find 2s Complement?

In this modern era, the computers use a binary system to perform the calculations and it is known as the two’s complement. Basically this is a fixed number of digits used in computers to perform the operations of maths, especially the addition and subtraction. Read fully to know more about Two’s Complement. 

More Info:

Two’s Complement deals with the magnitudes and can be characterised as:

  • Fixed bits are used to represent the numbers.
  • The leftmost bit is called the significant or sign bit.
  • Positive nad negative numbers can be easily represented through it. 
  • If a number is positive then it contains a 0 at the leftmost position and if it’s negative then it has 1 at the leftmost position. 
  • Highest positive number that can be represented is 7 and the lowest one is -8 by utilizing a 4 bit string. 

If you want to save your time and efforts then go to and use a free two’s complement calculator to take the two’s complement of a number within seconds. It also provides many other features to facilitate all the users. By using it, the users can also find the decimal number if the user has the binary number. Also empowers the users to calculate the two’s complement of the hexadecimals. In the bottom, it also contains a calculator that anyone can use to perform the addition and subtraction on the two’s complement. 

How To Take the 2’s Complement?

The two’s complement means to perform a mathematical operation on binary numbers and shows how modern computers store numbers and perform various calculations.

Below we have provided three efficient methods to calculate it manually:

First Method:

For calculating the Two’s Complement of a number, just get the complement of all the bits and add one.


The number 5 in binary is 0101, now to calculate the 2’s complement, simply complement all the bits: 1010 and add 1 so the answer will be : 1011.

Second Method:

There is another method to take the two’s complement that begins with the right hand side and goes towards the left side until you get the 1, complement all the bits available after that 1. 


The binary of number 5 is 0101, the bit on the right side is 1, so we complement all the bits after that 1 towards the left side.

In this way we will have:


Thus, this is the 2’s complement of the number 5. 

Alternatively, you can also get the assistance of a free 2’s complement calculator to perform the calculation in just a few clicks. It will just require you to add the values and get the results instantly. 

2’s Complement and Negative Number Representation:

Whenever we take the two’s complement of a number, we get the negative representation of that number in the binary system and if we take the complement of a negative number, then we get the positive representation. 


The 2’s complement of 4 is 1100 and this is how we represent -4 but if we take -4 as the input then we get the 0100 that represents a positive number. 

How to find out the two’s complement Online?

Go through the following steps to take the two’s complement online:

Step 1:

First of all, select  the input format as decimal.

Step 2:

Now add the values and choose the number of binary digits from the dropdown menu of the two’s complement calculator.

Step 3:

Click on the calculate button and wait only a few seconds until the calculator performs the calculation. 

Step 4:

Finally, press the download icon to export the results in PDF format. 

Final Words:

Two’s complement is a way in which the modern computers store the integers and perform various types of calculation upon them. One can easily perform the manual calculations to find it out, but using an online two’s complement calculator is the easiest and error free way to find out the 2’s complement instantly. 

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