How do games get their names?


    Every game has its own name, in the analog world as well as in the digital space. From UNO to Final Fantasy to Poker: Each of these names creates its own image in your mind. How did all these hundred thousand games get their names? What do game manufacturers look for when naming them? Let’s have a look behind the scenes where creative people design terms that stay in your memory.

    These are the most important naming parameters

    A collection of games that have some of the strangest names in existence. A game’s name must first and foremost sound “nice” to the public. According to the character of the game, “good” may signify “harmonious,” “weird,” “combative,” or “funny” at times. Perhaps the designers want an alliteration or a metaphor. However, the name has to be easy to understand all around the world. For digital games, English titles are preferred, because it is a kind of world language nearly everyone understands from Scandinavia to South America. Board games mostly carry domestic names, perhaps because they are more traditional. A title that cannot be pronounced or is frequently misunderstood is not suitable. Producers of international games have to be very careful in this matter because there are numerous traps. Perhaps in 120 languages the name of the new game is fitting, but in the 121st language, the title seems stupid or perhaps even perverse. No company wants to fall into this trap, that is why names are carefully checked in a wide variety of languages. The motto is: Always think global!

    Interesting examples for well-targeted name-giving

    The perfect name of a game works worldwide without any translation, it is easy to remember and has a good sound. It can quite easily be pronounced and at best it gives a direct sense of what kind of game is behind it. Misunderstandings are as good as impossible. A fitting example for this are sport betting providers, a huge list of them you find on the comparison portal This website shows you the way to lots of recommended betting platforms and delivers lots of information about them. At first glance, you can see all the minimum and maximum deposits and compare the bonus systems for newbies. The user has the advantage of being able to choose the right provider more quickly and in a more targeted manner. And: you can see all the names of the sports betting companies neatly listed, one below the other. Many of them have the word “bet” in their title, combined with short other terms like “1XBet” or “Betwinner” or “Betway”. But there are others that do without “bet”, they call themselves “Comeon!” (A dynamic call) or “pure win” (a tempting offer) or “Bons” (perhaps a mix of the French word “bon” = “good” and the English term “Bonus”?). What all names have in common is: They are short, very simple, and easy to remember. Most of them have a direct reference to betting.

    Fantasy and creativity luckily know no bounds

    The most difficult part is: There are so many games on the market right now that nearly every conceivable name seems to be already taken. That makes it much trickier to get the perfect title for a new game. The digital world has gathered more than 40 years of gaming history right now, this is a long time with many, many (formerly new) inventions. For example, if you search for a name for a racing game, you will notice that almost every interesting term in this field is already used. As the years go by, game manufacturers find it harder and harder to get the right name – but in a single bright moment it is suddenly there: Bingo!

    Fantasy and creativity know no bounds, that’s why the naming never ends, even if 100 more years will pass. Most of the time the producers first decide on a provisional name so that they can better talk about their project. But they always strive to find the final title as early as possible, because this enables a better identification with their own product. And the targeted customers can be informed at an early stage about the surprise that awaits them. Just a few more months until the baby is born!


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