How Can One Distinguish Between Ancient And Modern Casinos?


    The entertainment of playing casino games and gambling games is not new in society and fact dates back to the earliest history of mankind. It has been a part and parcel of our lives since time immemorial. Although gambling games went through a lot of evolution in the past thousands of years and has undergone a drastic transformation in the present times to cater to changing population interest, needs, changing societal structures. But the core concept of gambling and playing casino games has remained unchanged and has been successful to attract a huge crowd and entertain them fully even in the present times. 

    Casinos in ancient times

    • In the initial days when the first evidence of gambling games was discovered by archaeologists, at that time there were no luxurious casinos or gambling houses that we see in the present times. Initially, the gambling games that were played were mainly betting games where the players used to bet on the outcome of various sports such as animal fights, the evidence of which has been found in the ancient Greek and Roman pottery drawings. Wealthy traders and farmers usually travelled from place to place and indulged themselves in such games which led to the spread of gambling all over the world gradually.
    • A little later came to the concept of gambling using different types of card games the evidence of which was excavated from China. The cards of those times have no resemblance to the card games like poker, blackjack, etc. that are so popular now. The cards in those times were different engraved figures on tiles. 
    • Around the 17th century came the concept of gambling houses which were similar to present-day casinos but far less luxurious. The first casino or gambling houses were found in Venice, Italy around 17 the century. Evidence has been found that these gambling houses were legally authorized and not only provided entertainment to the masses but also played a vital role in enriching the state funds as a portion of the profits used to go to government funds which were used to fund necessary welfare work of the people

    Casinos in the present times

    In the present times, casinos are two types-

    • Online casinos-Many casino owners have opened their websites that are authentic, legal, and safe for the users to indulge in unlimited types of casino games. Such websites such as CasinoChan consist of unlimited varieties of casino games that are impossible to get in regular casinos. It provides users with different types of flash games, brick and mortar games, slot games of various themes, arcade games, blackjack, poker, roulette the options are unlimited.
    • There is an unlimited casino game option for every player according to their interests and requirements. These online websites promise not to disappoint any of their users and also promises unlimited entertainment for all and that too free of cost! There is no chance of any player getting bored playing the same casino games daily due to the presence of a wide variety of options that one can opt for. The websites also ensure cybersecurity for their clients. Apart from these, they also provide bonus offers, rewards to clients.
    • Offline casinos or land-based casinos- These are another type of casino that is a luxurious building where different gambling games are played. These places provide great hospitality and comfort along with great ambience and comfort to the customers. Although the experience is a luxurious one, the cost of visiting an offline casino is extremely high due to its high operating rates in comparison to online casinos whose operating rates are comparatively low.
    • Moreover, due to these operating costs, the profit margin provided to the customers is also low in offline casinos in comparison to that of online casinos. Another problem with offline casinos is that one needs to physically travel to a nearby casino to avail of different kinds of casino games.


    Thus we have discussed in details different types of casinos but out of these, it is recommended for the casino game players to opt for online casino websites such as CasinoChan due to their wide range of benefits to enjoy a thrilling game of gambling hassle-free from the comfort of one’s own home.


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