Home Security Tips and Tricks That Never Fail


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Perhaps you are living in an insecure neighborhood. Or maybe you want to enhance the security of your home. Here are seven easy home security tricks and tips that will never fail you;

Replace Your Front Door

If your front door is weak and wooden, you should replace it with a strong metallic one. A robust frontal door will intimidate potential burglars and thieves; because they will be unable to force it open.

Install Surveillance Cameras


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Installing advanced home surveillance cameras is one of the easy home security tricks which will never fail you. You can simply purchase these cameras either online or from a reliable security company.

After purchasing these cameras, you should put them in either your indoor or outdoor areas. These cameras will capture and record the images of any potential intruder.

However, you should not put these cameras in a conspicuous place. If you do so, potential thieves and burglars may see it and tamper it before stealing your valuables.

Install A New Home Security System

When you install a new home security system, you will have boosted the level of security in your house. What’s more – you and your loved ones will feel safer.

Typically, a reliable security system will keep off any possible intruder into your home. You can purchase either a DIY or a professionally monitored security system.

If you have an existing security system, you should scan it for any possible repairs. If you find that your current security system is damaged, you should replace it with a new one.

Make It Appear That You Are at Home

As asserted by  South Burnett Times, even if you are far away from your home, you should always make it appear that you are present there. However, if you will be gone for an extended period; leave a trusted friend behind to take care of your home.

Always put your lamps on timers. This will make your lamps to be automatically switched on for a specific duration during the night. You can also set your home theatre system in such a way that it can automatically go on and off at particular times during the day.

Also, you should always pretend that your driveway is busy. You can tell a neighbor to be driving in and out of your home to keep it busy.

If you are going for a very long vacation, you should take the necessary arrangements for the maintenance of your outdoor areas. For instance; you can enter into a contract with the local handyman for them to be periodically trimming your fences and shrubs.

If criminals know that you are not around, they will take that golden chance to steal your valuables. So, you should always put up a show of you being around to scare them away.

Place Motion Sensor Lighting in Your Outdoor Areas

Motion sensor lighting is expensive when compared to regular lighting, but it is worth it when you want to enhance the security of your home.  

As asserted by Family Handy Man, this lighting system will automatically go on when it detects any possible movement. Therefore, you will be alerted in case any potential criminal will walk stealthily into your home at night. With the timely alerts, you will be given a head start on how to deal with the criminal.

Have A Crime Tracking App in Your Phone

Many people may overlook the importance of a crime tracking app, but it is useful in enhancing your home security.

A crime tracking app will assist you to have the latest information on criminal trends, criminal statistics, and the illegal activities in your neighborhood. This information will come in handy in deciding on the best easy home security tricks to apply.

Avoid Having Hiding Spots in Your Outdoor Areas

You should always do your landscaping regularly. Your grass, shrubs, and fences should be well trimmed. Make sure that your outdoor area is of level height with no hiding spot whatsoever.

Criminals tend to pretend to be out of sight as they wait for the right time to steal your property. By eliminating all potential hiding spots, you will have taken a significant step in safeguarding your home.

Use Fake Signs


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Even if you don’t have a dog, that does not limit you from placing a ‘beware of dog’ sign on your entrance. Besides ‘beware of dog’ signs, you can also buy ‘alarm system present’ signs and ‘presence of CCTV cameras’ signs.  

Even in circumstances whereby you don’t have appropriate home security equipment, you can always purchase and use fake signs. These signs will frighten off any potential thief or burglar.

You can also make these signs all by yourself. You should place your fake signs in the most conspicuous places in your home so that they can be easily seen.


As long as you are equipped with these easy home security tricks, promoting security in your home won’t be a big deal. What you simply need is a flexible budget which you can customize to take care of all your security needs.

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