1099+Best Hobgoblin Names

The nature of Hobgoblin Names are brutal, cunning warlords. Hobgoblins are tall, gray humanoids with pointed ears and massive noses. They are logical, religious, and militaristic.

They are the top-notch reason that goblins and bugbears can be considered a threat in the forgotten realms. As a hobgoblin stays, ready for war, their names and culture are further strict.

If you are a hobgoblin that shattered from your Warband or a spy ensuring daredevils do not mess with Maglubiyet’s will, you will anyway need a name. The name guide given by us for your hobgoblin character is enormous.

So, scroll down first to read all the names and then decide the final draft to name your character.

Hobgoblin Name Generator

Hobgoblin Names
Hobgoblin Name Generator

Hobgoblins have a deep, regimented culture. Every hobgoblin is born ready to be involved in a war. They learn to walk in a file, wield weapons as soon as they can. Also, obey orders once they can listen to them.

In fact, a name for the hobgoblin should be either vice and versa the cultural norms or disobey them. So, start thinking about the names that you are searching for your hobnobbing name.

Foresight GeneratorHobgoblinbiaThink NameIncubator Hobgoblin
Scope HobgoblinGeneratorarcNameliaProgrammatic Name
Access GeneratorNameifyPerspective HobgoblinGarrison Name
Dynamite HobgoblinLevel HobgoblinHyper HobgoblinLegacy Generator
Refined NameChroma NameGeneratoradilHobgoblingenix
GeneratoregyGeneratoropediaNetwork GeneratorHack Generator
Net GeneratorVelocity HobgoblinClutch GeneratorTouch Hobgoblin
Rubicon GeneratorDynamics NameAugur GeneratorFaith Hobgoblin
NamezillaLoader GeneratorNixon HobgoblinMobile Generator
HobgoblinopolisExpression HobgoblinHobgoblinellaSmart Generator
Task NameZone NameHobgoblinadoWired Name
Operator GeneratorPower GeneratorNameellaFort Hobgoblin
Luminous GeneratorDigital HobgoblinLeader GeneratorMecha Hobgoblin
Virtual NameGiga GeneratorGeneratoropolisSurge Hobgoblin
Think HobgoblinGeneratortasticRubicon HobgoblinVigilant Hobgoblin
Point HobgoblinGeneratorxAllocate GeneratorVision Hobgoblin
Operation NameCompact HobgoblinRank HobgoblinLogic Name
Command HobgoblinArch HobgoblinAffordable HobgoblinViewpoint Hobgoblin
Automate HobgoblinDynamite GeneratorNet NameAcumen Generator
GeneratorexAngle NameFramework HobgoblinNovus Generator
NamequeLeader HobgoblinAugur NameFlash Name
Insight HobgoblinArrow NameSpire HobgoblinHobgoblinverse
Alpha NameStar GeneratorPrime HobgoblinAbstract Name
Frame GeneratorWorkman HobgoblinCompact NameOverdrive Name
GeneratorhutDock HobgoblinBinary NameNixon Hobgoblin

D&D Hobgoblin Names

These creatures are born and raised in a military society. Food is farmed, war camps are built, training is undertaken. The culture of hobgoblin is built on the backs of oppressed communities.

Their focus on themselves, the culture of the hobgoblin, additionally, gods keep them from seeing other creatures as the same sight. The focus also urges them to work continuously.

Splendor DDTight DDFlagship NamesTunnel DD
Road HobgoblinSpitfire NamesPaw DDServ Hobgoblin
Indicator NamesFriends DDSpace HobgoblinBub DD
Fiend HobgoblinDeluxe HobgoblinBewitch HobgoblinAdapt DD
Wish NamesAmazement DDHorizon NamesSheer Hobgoblin
NamopolisRemote NamesOm HobgoblinEnquire Hobgoblin
Farmers DDDoggy DDPeewee DDCabal Hobgoblin
Razzle DDBrewer NamesShowcase NamesAspire Hobgoblin
Pact DDDriver HobgoblinHollow NamesZen Hobgoblin
Collect DDMatrix NamesScoop NamesFinish Hobgoblin
Live NamesEngage DDGlacier DDPaper Hobgoblin
Optimize HobgoblinRidge HobgoblinFluid NamesExist DD
Impact HobgoblinConfer NamesCrater DDDeadshot DD
Sage DDStallion HobgoblinDate HobgoblinAmber DD
Hardcore DDFoliage NamesCrumble HobgoblinContractors Names
Optimism NamesPine DDSupply NamesLuxury Names
Finder DDAngel DDFlicker DDHaste DD
Greek NamesSurge HobgoblinSculpt HobgoblinSway DD
On-Court NamesGene NamesTrend DDFort DD
Flex HobgoblinCredible NamesLilac DDLuxe Hobgoblin
Leash DDControl HobgoblinMethodical NamesFigure Hobgoblin
Slide HobgoblinHive DDClutch HobgoblinForesight Hobgoblin
Colored HobgoblinLand HobgoblinPanorama HobgoblinEco Names
Labs HobgoblinShot HobgoblinTetra DDReal DD
Scape DDEssential DDTested NamesKennel Names

Hobgoblin Names 5e

Hobgoblin Names
Hobgoblin Names 5e

The hobgoblins follow a code nearly as strict as a paladin’s. Hobgoblins must follow orders, honor the gods, suffer nor give insults, and reward glorious action. Upholding the legion must be undertaken after all of these. It is better to keep a legion alive than destroy it all.

Stable HobgoblinEadriAurora HobgoblinAlliance Hobgoblin
Ink NamesConcept HobgoblinTrust HobgoblinGranular Names
Powerhouse HobgoblinExert HobgoblinHunter NamesFiscal Names
Edge EEwindFusion NamesInline Hobgoblin
Watch NamesWorldwide EOrganic NamesTouch E
Angel EProject NamesNamcogLegendary E
NamexLatest EResort ECalibre Hobgoblin
Doozy EIlluminating HobgoblinWizard EHaute Names
Anchor NamesFirefly NamesJourneyman EChef Hobgoblin
Strive NamesHazard NamesRest HobgoblinOvertime E
Variety ECultivate HobgoblinRates NamesGlitter Hobgoblin
Geo NamesPink ELogic NamesCycle E
Heat EOverload NamesTakeoff HobgoblinExplore E
Sentry EPower EMach HobgoblinStrip Names
World NamesRide NamesEssence NamesVault Hobgoblin
Enchant NamesBox NamesBarter NamesEssentials Hobgoblin
Crisp ELovely EFly NamesTune Names
Dart NamesBoudoir HobgoblinStockman NamesCapital E
Euphoria HobgoblinRise NamesAlmanac NamesSwan Names
Phantom EInvision NamesGaze HobgoblinAngel Hobgoblin
Charm EIndy NamesFactory HobgoblinCreamy Hobgoblin
Cast ENeat EServe ESphynx Hobgoblin
Devote ESquad NamesSprout NamesPlay Names
Overwatch NamesDiscuss EVenture EStake E
Viewpoint NamesClan NamesSprout ELeap E

Hobgoblin Tribe Names

However, in most races, hobgoblins respect arcane casters. And focus their research and study on war magic. Hobgoblin casters focus on destructive the battlefield. Also, they are kept under close watch. Only a few arcane casters can become legitimate leaders, and only after robust trying.

Slabman HobgoblinCreation NamesBear TribeLaza Tribe
Prime TribeHarley NamesMultiply HobgoblinBenefits Hobgoblin
Affairs TribeCommunication TribeTiny HobgoblinMaster Hobgoblin
Ace NamesJunky NamesClutch HobgoblinGrain Names
Aspire HobgoblinExpedition TribeBattleborn TribeForge Hobgoblin
Complex HobgoblinInspire HobgoblinSurge NamesDivine Names
Slipstream NamesCandy HobgoblinRevolution HobgoblinArk Tribe
Dope NamesFlora HobgoblinRedux TribeFeature Names
Plus HobgoblinScout TribeChat HobgoblinJoyous Tribe
NamadoDarling HobgoblinDrift HobgoblinUp Names
Gravity NamesSecure HobgoblinFlaunt HobgoblinRose Names
Torque HobgoblinLean NamesMadras TribePeek Hobgoblin
Sensation TribeCaptivate HobgoblinLegion TribeImmersive Tribe
Notch HobgoblinCollect TribeActive NamesHot Names
Driver NamesFactory NamesFable TribeTracks Names
Clip HobgoblinBarrel TribeArrive NamesEden Tribe
Casual HobgoblinBeing NamesAdrenaline TribeHeroine Hobgoblin
Arte HobgoblinTitter TribeSmarts NamesSpecialty Tribe
Kisan NamesLess NamesAllied NamesCalligraphy Names
Accounts NamesAble TribeInstructor TribeDimension Hobgoblin
Paradise NamesDig TribeEgghead HobgoblinQuiz Tribe
Iso HobgoblinCreative NamesCanyon TribeAlleviating Tribe
NamgenixScrub HobgoblinCenter HobgoblinCollective Tribe
Vision TribeMajesty HobgoblinAgent NamesBanking Hobgoblin
Country TribeIrrigation TribeGreen Thumb NamesFetch Names

Hobgoblin Legion Names

Hobgoblin Names
Hobgoblin Legion Names

Because of the goblin language, the hobgoblins have sharp and sudden names. Goblin or even bugbears, hobgoblins try to keep their names strict and orderly. Female hobgoblins are sent on the warpath as well.

Crowd NamesBasket HobgoblinActive HobgoblinBamboo Names
Radar NamesMilk NamesConnect NamesCore Names
Core NamesGrove HobgoblinShuttle NamesUltimate Names
Flash NamesWizard LegionSuperior HobgoblinAdemia Legion
Supreme HobgoblinStrength NamesPassion NamesPaint Names
Tactile LegionPrime NamesDaub HobgoblinTea Hobgoblin
Credit HobgoblinRadiate LegionMaximus LegionClimax Hobgoblin
Ample LegionProject LegionBazaar NamesLada Legion
Dollar HobgoblinHaven HobgoblinPulp NamesRapid Legion
Omega LegionParadise LegionHolo LegionCannon Legion
Zap LegionSizzle LegionLegioField Hobgoblin
Gas HobgoblinPure NamesJoist HobgoblinDistrict Hobgoblin
Village LegionSoft HobgoblinRoyal LegionPath Names
LegyaCherry HobgoblinDash LegionReady Legion
Stitch HobgoblinPorcelain NamesDisplay NamesNourish Legion
Interstellar LegionRage NamesDelight HobgoblinTotal Legion
Sharp NamesCollect HobgoblinArmour NamesVernal Names
Skeg LegionLuxury LegionSunrise HobgoblinGrand Legion
Pulse LegionSustainable NamesBlank NamesClimate Legion
Swift LegionShare HobgoblinAxis HobgoblinInsignia Names
Rebel LegionCopywriter HobgoblinPremiere LegionPad Hobgoblin
Crowd NamesInsight LegionLegifyEarth Names
Asylum HobgoblinBohemian LegionNovus NamesSmite Legion
Food NamesHobgobliniumFlower LegionDais Names
Nut LegionRise HobgoblinJuliet LegionGlorious Names

Eberron Hobgobblin Names

The well said a statement by the large hobgoblin that stopped the other in place before returning his gaze back to the man ahead of them. As per them, they will fight with you alone, with honor. He also continued, his coarse voice almost echoing.

Additionally, at that time I defeat and kill you, you will know why Gurkarg is leading the tribe.

Action NamesMobil EberronMidnight EberronProgrammatic Names
Design HobgobblinGroups HobgobblinPlan EberronAphrodite Hobgobblin
Habit EberronSpot HobgobblinTantric EberronJive Hobgobblin
Chair HobgobblinInteractive EberronTaper HobgobblinSpitfire Names
Dynamo HobgobblinCollective NamesTitan EberronRugrat Eberron
Mammoth EberronGarden NamesAttitude HobgobblinSimplify Eberron
Elite HobgobblinCoco EberronRealtor NamesFog Hobgobblin
Veritas EberronDart EberronShout NamesDreams Names
Champion NamesN NamesEnhance NamesSlide Show Eberron
Thrive EberronArise HobgobblinPeewee HobgobblinTypist Hobgobblin
Bite HobgobblinVitality HobgobblinDrawing HobgobblinLion Hobgobblin
Overtime EberronPooch EberronScrum NamesX Names
Pavement EberronBasics NamesAudience EberronCommunity Names
Wall NamesPlateau NamesViper NamesWise Names
Paramount NamesView NamesFire HobgobblinLux Names
Ariel EberronFlower HobgobblinActive NamesLink Hobgobblin
Rush HobgobblinNatural HobgobblinDen HobgobblinImpact Eberron
Wise EberronRating NamesRaid HobgobblinUrban Eberron
Oont HobgobblinFantasy EberronPocket EberronSlipstream Names
Poppy EberronMega HobgobblinLuminate EberronFX Hobgobblin
Raw NamesLinkage HobgobblinRise EberronClove Eberron
Chronic EberronValued EberronSolutions HobgobblinImpact Hobgobblin
Plants HobgobblinCase EberronPatrol EberronOmega Names
Elation HobgobblinPlus NamesLost EberronRay Eberron
Econ EberronNatural NamesBelief EberronSmack Eberron

Hobgoblin 5e

Hobgoblin Names
Hobgoblin 5e

This fictional trait in eh comic is played by Roderick Kingsley. This character became more popular in 2009 and this comic played at 57 ranks into the entire world in the villain category. However, the amazing character appears in the spiderman comic book.

Juliett ESavvy ERaid HobgoblinSmarter E
Spring HobgoblinConnection EClique HobgoblinOctane E
Hera HobgoblinGorilla HobgoblinEladaPure E
Alpha HobgoblinInstinct HobgoblinSource EAnchor E
Groove HobgoblinHerdsman HobgoblinTreasure ELap E
Better HobgoblinHiatus EGenix HobgoblinPilot Hobgoblin
Planet ECutie EVamp HobgoblinWellbeing E
Gravity HobgoblinStep HobgoblinPremium HobgoblinKnowledge E
Urban ELighthouse ETalk HobgoblinIce E
Logic HobgoblinCherish HobgoblinGeneration EElux
Prints EDevine HobgoblinFoozle EExpert E
Rescue ETune EThrill EStrong-Side E
Celestial HobgoblinHungry EAblaze HobgoblinInvestor E
Breakfast ETantric EFriendly HobgoblinAphrodite Hobgoblin
Prints HobgoblinMoonlight EWild EInstant Hobgoblin
Infrared EIntentions EValley HobgoblinBonjour E
Overlord HobgoblinOust HobgoblinSpeed HobgoblinHeadway E
View ESupreme EJuice HobgoblinFunnel Hobgoblin
Invest HobgoblinFantasy EWicker ERoot E
Xerxes HobgoblinSprawl EProp HobgoblinSuccessful E
Hiatus HobgoblinQueen HobgoblinClutch EFly Hobgoblin
Dive EGarrison EFierce ERomeo Hobgoblin
Scouts HobgoblinInnovate EImpact ESoothe E
Zealous ESpeak EChrome EBunch Hobgoblin
Sky HobgoblinExaminer HobgoblinAutomate HobgoblinLive Hobgoblin

Hobgoblin Names Marvel

So, after knowing them so let’s get into the main point that why we are in this article. Let’s check the hobgoblin names that are famous names all over the world. These names are for all the categories that you can see in the article below.

Rush MarvelCrusader HobgoblinVariety HobgoblinLit Hobgoblin
Dope MarvelEternal NamesMatrix HobgoblinWings Names
Affliction MarvelClash NamesEvo MarvelClan Names
United MarvelNamhutHobgoblinzillaHobgoblinoryx
Clash MarvelMarvelryCapital MarvelSwitch Names
Evil NamesLime NamesUpgrade NamesLoop Names
Outlet NamesEmpire HobgoblinRaid HobgoblinScript Hobgoblin
Souls MarvelHobgoblinpadHobgoblinsioNamadil
MarvelexHeart HobgoblinMarvelhutThrone Hobgoblin
Hydra MarvelVariety NamesLoud HobgoblinRage Names
Shout HobgoblinDruid HobgoblinFortress MarvelProject Names
Drift NamesGenius MarvelBro NamesEngage Names
Spitfire HobgoblinMarvelvioMarvelarcMage Names
Super MarvelHobgoblinbesElite MarvelFlight Names
Beta MarvelAkimbo MarvelNamableFanatic Names
Mega NamesDestroy MarvelNamazaBomber Marvel
Super HobgoblinSpar MarvelNamladaSaga Names
Scribe NamesHobgoblinsyInfinite MarvelJoker Names
Bot MarvelLeague HobgoblinBoard HobgoblinPoke Names
Fury NamesSimulation HobgoblinScope NamesShot Marvel
Battle NamesClub NamesGeek HobgoblinChallenge Marvel
Mag HobgoblinMojo NamesHammer NamesIntel Names
Videogames NamesNamlanceSuper NamesStealth Hobgoblin
Outlaw HobgoblinNintendo MarvelNamoramaMarksman Names
Fanatic HobgoblinFire HobgoblinSource NamesSensor Names

Hobgoblin Warband Names

Hobgoblin Names
Hobgoblin Warband Names

Well, start making a huge and incredible list for your hobgoblin character name. You should make a shortlist. Discuss the names with your friends and family. After that take their suggestions and it will definitely help into finalized the name for your Hobgoblin.

Strap WarbandAbility HobgoblinPictures NamesMagnetic Hobgoblin
Jaded NamesLayered WarbandLegendary HobgoblinAssociate Warband
Cosmo HobgoblinFluffy WarbandBlast HobgoblinRefresh Names
Source NamesMethod HobgoblinIntercept HobgoblinTerra Names
Andromeda NamesHardcore WarbandDigital HobgoblinForm Names
Airborne HobgoblinJoyous NamesCanvas HobgoblinSmith Hobgoblin
Taste NamesAffordable HobgoblinOcity NamesExpert Hobgoblin
Scale NamesPink HobgoblinHack WarbandAssault Names
Pure HobgoblinDream NamesAttack HobgoblinSpecialty Names
Wired HobgoblinCollusion HobgoblinFollow WarbandAffordable Names
Integrity HobgoblinRasp WarbandRefuge HobgoblinVictory Warband
Elixir WarbandRank HobgoblinGrowth HobgoblinGraphics Warband
Stop WarbandAnchors HobgoblinSun NamesBaller Names
Honor WarbandRadiant HobgoblinCrusader HobgoblinGoto Names
Lantern HobgoblinGrower NamesSweet HobgoblinFreak Hobgoblin
Medium WarbandBoss WarbandBee NamesFresh Hobgoblin
Broadway WarbandTrophy WarbandBank Shot NamesGrasshopper Hobgoblin
Nirvana HobgoblinFlight HobgoblinAttract HobgoblinJobs Names
Bismuth WarbandRaw NamesHarvest WarbandBounty Hobgoblin
Alt NamesFocus NamesSlide WarbandGlobe Warband
WarbanddoTale HobgoblinRadiant NamesTechie Hobgoblin
Rocket WarbandFrag NamesVote NamesCyper Hobgoblin
Choice HobgoblinAssociate HobgoblinElastic NamesNatural Names
Lanx WarbandProgrammatic HobgoblinAware NamesCore Warband
Enrich WarbandTenant WarbandCoast HobgoblinPerfect Names

Hobgoblin Names Reddit

We all know that every creature like half ore names and demon names has their tribe in which they live and believe. So, similar to them the hobgoblins also have their tribe in which they live and believe. So check out the more and more exciting names to add up to your list.

Dream NamesTwinkle RedditSyndicate NamesLighthouse Reddit
Outskirt HobgoblinDarling RedditShine RedditGlow Hobgoblin
Hut NamesBlackboard RedditEcho HobgoblinHera Names
Tackle RedditWarfare RedditBranch HobgoblinRedditnetic
Leisure RedditRose HobgoblinEssential RedditShining Hobgoblin
Drenched NamesCamo HobgoblinBuddies HobgoblinFinders Names
Phalanx RedditNectar NamesExposure NamesMicro Reddit
Space HobgoblinPlant RedditDojo NamesLight Reddit
Ageless HobgoblinDivinity HobgoblinAnanda RedditTerra Names
Professor NamesCities RedditParadise HobgoblinEntice Reddit
All-Star NamesBreathtaking NamesGeo RedditVector Hobgoblin
Adorable NamesAction RedditRadiant HobgoblinDesirable Names
Snuggle RedditJuice RedditBoot RedditTender Names
Amaze RedditChisel HobgoblinStream NamesCave Reddit
Blackout HobgoblinMantis HobgoblinFlirt HobgoblinKindle Reddit
Blossom HobgoblinExchange NamesPic NamesView Reddit
Azure NamesRide RedditOrigin HobgoblinVernal Names
Marked NamesDivinity NamesFlash NamesAct Reddit
Zombie HobgoblinTactile RedditHarmony HobgoblinHemp Names
Demon NamesFathom NamesButcher HobgoblinJuice Reddit
Ravishing NamesRetreat RedditAffairs NamesAnchor Hobgoblin
Enchanted RedditK9 HobgoblinSimple RedditBright Names
Station NamesFreedom RedditFantasy HobgoblinUnleashed Names
Bank NamesMastered HobgoblinDine HobgoblinSure Reddit
Oasis HobgoblinPanorama RedditRanch RedditKeep Reddit

Hobgoblin Clan Names

Hobgoblin Names
Hobgoblin Clan Names
Switch ClanClanableVoid ClanBomber Clan
Pick ClanSensor ClanMatrix HobgoblinHunt Hobgoblin
Spar HobgoblinHobgoblinlyTower NamesMech Clan
Upgrade HobgoblinDark HobgoblinHobgoblinadriSwitch Hobgoblin
Boss HobgoblinSim ClanAffliction NamesTalent Names
Hunter NamesHavoc ClanWarlock ClanDestroy Hobgoblin
Poe ClanHobgoblinarcOri HobgoblinClanorzo
Redux ClanCube HobgoblinNamableRocket Clan
Paragon ClanVengeance HobgoblinOri NamesNamaza
Strategy HobgoblinPoe HobgoblinSamurai ClanSpawn Clan
ClanxHobgoblinqueTerror ClanChip Hobgoblin
Slayer HobgoblinMercy NamesBlast HobgoblinHotline Hobgoblin
Overwatch ClanPirate HobgoblinEnemy NamesClanorama
Saga ClanDrift HobgoblinCloud HobgoblinGhost Hobgoblin
HobgoblingenixWalker HobgoblinDope NamesNambia
Counter HobgoblinRage ClanBlast ClanLucky Hobgoblin
Lucky ClanHobgoblinquipoPaladin ClanVoid Hobgoblin
Level HobgoblinFreak HobgoblinSmite ClanStrategy Clan
HobgoblingenicsClanisticMob NamesFleet Hobgoblin
Outcast ClanDigital HobgoblinSniper ClanHunt Clan
Mode NamesParagon NamesSpeed NamesSebas Hobgoblin
ClanlyticalNamishClanivaKawaii Names
Otaku ClanDruid ClanKing HobgoblinZone Names
Paragon NamesWorld ClanPak ClanField Names

What Is Hobgoblin Name?

The term Hobgoblin itself is derived from the word ‘hob’. It means ‘elf’ and ‘goblin’. These words basically mean ‘mischievous’ and ugly fairy. You will get all the information about goblins in the above article.

Are There Female Hobgoblin?

Yes of course! The term goblet has been used to refer to female goblins. You can also find the female names differently throughout the article above or anywhere else.

Do Goblin Have Names?

Yes! Goblin names are usually short and guttural sounding. There are longer names as well, often among female goblins. However, 1-2 syllable names are generally more common. Many goblins are also known simply by a type of nickname, like no nose or Spiderbait.

What’s A Good Name For A Goblin?

Well, goblin names tend to be slightly guttural with many sharp sounds. There are some differences, of course, again depending on the work of fiction. However, the most roughly follow this pattern here as well.


Now, all of you are aware of the hobgoblin names. We shared in this article the most unique and exciting names for you. As you can see that we have shared the names into various categories and that is the reason that you can segregate them easily.

Also, share the names of you have any creatives because it will help our readers.

All the names are given above in the article are for fun only. Also, if you think that the names you can use for your baby or other purposes then please select them according to the gender of your children. We have shared both of the gender names.

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