Guide of Safe Use of The Two-Way Radios at Work


In case you have been a responsible person with the employees Healthy and Safety issues while in the company, it’s essential to have a guideline on the safe use of these two-way radios from Accès Communications. They are part of the equipment that they will be using in their day-to-day tasks while at work duties. 

The guidance needs to, therefore, have policies that are related to the use of communication devices that will be including two-way radio.

The first step should be letting everyone to be aware of the guidelines and the benefits of following the guidelines for proper use of Two-Way Radios Rental Services. It will be a vital aspect of keeping the workers safe and secure while working.

In this article, I have described the key areas you will develop your guidance to the workers around.

  • Environmental considerations

In manufacturing and industrial places, these are dangerous places and while two-way radios rental services are vital, let the workers use headsets and accessories. There is a special type that has been designed for use in such an environment.

  • Driving

From road safety rules to your company, it’s always offensive for one to use any handheld the mobile phone as you drive. So, the handheld two ways are exempt from mobile laws. 

In case you will be involved in an accident or dangerous driving, expect to be prosecuted. So, recommend your employees not to use their handheld radios whilst driving. 

It is acceptable if they could place the device in the car kit holder where they can utilize appropriate Bluetooth or wireless accessories.

If the employed would be working in any public transport setting, they have to be given appropriate training in how they can use installed two-way radio such as audio accessories and hands-free solutions.

  • Acoustic safety and hygiene

The issue here is about the levels of the background noise, and therefore, the radio used will have to be with earpiece or headset to be utilized all the time.

For some basics, always let them check the turned down the volume before they could add earpiece or headset. However, the sharing of these earpieces or headsets is not hygienic. The headsets and earpieces need regular cleaning.

  • Handling and speaking

You have to ensure everyone has been aware that they have to handle the two-way radio responsibly. So, tell your employees to make practices on replacing batteries, to keep the antenna in the correct length and hold it in a vertical position. Besides, the essential thing is minimizing RF exposure.

Also remember to tell them that in case there is damage to their antenna or radio, they have to report it immediately to the line manager.

When teaching them the many rules, also remind them not to place the radio close to their ears. It will not be safe.

Final Thoughts 

Lastly, it would be vital for ensuring that your company stays compliant with the legislative and duty for caring responsibilities while providing the equipment for carrying tasks. So, you will be sure that the people working are always protected while using these two-way radios while on duty.


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