Gifts To Surprise You Brother On Raksha Bandhan

Gifts To Surprise You Brother On Raksha Bandhan
Gifts To Surprise You Brother On Raksha Bandhan

Usually, sisters tie rakhi on their brother’s wrist and receive a gift in return on the auspicious occasion of Raksha Bandhan. But how about changing the norms a bit. How about, being a sister, you present a gift to your brother on Raksha Bandhan?

We are not saying that you don’t receive a gift from your brother. That’s your right! It’s all about making your brother’s smile a bit wider. Every year, he surprises you with his choice of the gift for you. Now it’s your turn to surprise him. It will be an unexpected thing for him, and gifts do best when the receiver does not expect them.

We bring you some amazing rakhi gifts that will surely surprise your brother to the fullest:


Almost all boys love wearing the coolest pair of shoes. You know your brother from day one which means you know what his favourite brand of shoes is. Gift him the newly launched shoes in his favourite colour. You should start prepping for it from today as it could be an expensive one.

His Favourite Sports Gear

Whether your brother loves playing cricket or his interest is in football. Whether he is a Basketball freak or loves to slide the ball with a hockey stick. According to the sport, he plays, giving him gear related to that sport. It could be anything like special gloves or a new kit.


A gift of digital gaming! And this will let you both play together too! Boys do love computers, and mobile gaming and X-box would be the perfect gift to surprise your brother. Yes, it can take a heavy toll on your pocket, but the smile you will see on your brother’s face will be worth it.

Beard Moisturizer

Does your brother constantly talk about his facial hair? Then he will love a fancy beard moisturizer. By gifting him a beard moisturizer, you will be helping him keep his swag and personality on-point. There are lots of good brands that sell beard moisturizer. Buy one according to his skin type.

Wireless Headphone

If your brother is the one who always needs music around, then gifting him a wireless headphone of a renowned brand is a great idea. You can buy it from the shop near you or can opt to shop from an e-commerce website. And sometimes you can use it as well. Isn’t that a great deal!

Fix A Date For Him With His Crush

Well. It’s a fact that most boys shy to start a conversation with their crush. It can be a case with your brother too. Ask his friends about the girl he likes, meet her, and fix a date for your brother. The way to present this gift: Whisper about the same in his ears by hugging him after tying the rakhi.

Set of Shorts

Not all boys keep themselves styles-up every time; some prefer to move around in comfortable shorts. If your brother is one out of them, gift him a set of 3 (at least) short. Check out the clothing websites for some cool and quirky designs.

These were some Raksha Bandhan gifts for brother that we believe can do the magic. You scroll web pages for more ideas if you need something else.


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