Get Your Maiden Name Back After a Divorce – Tips, Prompts, and Pitfalls


    The desire to get rid of everything that reminds of a former husband is quite normal. Someone gets rid of joint things, photos and so on. And someone wants to return their maiden name and no longer have anything related to the ex. How easy is this to do? Is it probable to return the maiden name?

    In this article, we will talk about how to get your old name again and what it will take. Be prepared that this is not the easiest procedure in the context of the law. Let’s stop on this issue in more detail.

    When Can You Start Using a Maiden Surname?

    You have to understand that you can officially use your maiden name only after contacting the court regarding the change of surname and follow all the necessary legal procedures. Only in this way can you legally use your maiden name.

    When Can You Return Maiden Name?

    You can apply for a change of name at any time. After a divorce, during and before. But you have to know that when changing your last name, you will need to change almost all the documents. That is why many lawyers recommend determining the fact that you want to change your last name in advance. Then the court will make a decision and you can begin all the necessary procedures.

    How to Change the Name Later?

    We have already understood the fact that you can change the name at any time. Now let’s look at what you need to change your last name after a divorce. The first thing you need is documentation that confirms the divorce. Well, then you will need to start changing all your documents (driver’s license, and so on.)

    Lawyers Recommend Changing Surname When Starting File for Divorce

    The most optimal time for changing surname to maiden name is the very beginning of a divorce. Then you will not need to spend time on a separate lawsuit. So if you are on the verge of a divorce, then consider this issue right away. As practice shows, then you will have fewer problems in the future.

    Can You Change the Name of the Spouse to a Completely Different One?

    If you decide that you want to start your free life with a completely new name, then you should talk with your lawyer on this issue. It is this type of issue that will be decided in a completely different way. It is vital to understand that it will be easier to leave the spouse’s surname or restore your maiden name.

    What to Do with Documents After Reverting Maiden Name?

    Be prepared for the fact that you will have to update almost all the documents that carry information about identification. It is about both rights and updating information in banks. As soon as you change one document, you will immediately need to start changing the next ones. Since then they will not be valid.

    What to Do If You Get a Divorce Online?

    For most divorce document preparation services this is not a problem at all. Indicate that you want to change the surname to a maiden name and then you will be consulted on this issue. The service will help you get divorce papers online. What documents will you need? The company will provide you with a full guide on how to get divorce papers online that will need to be prepared.

    What is the Cost of a Name Change?

    It is very difficult to give an unambiguous point here since everything will depend on your individual case. In any case, your lawyer will advise you on this issue and inform you of the approximate cost of this procedure.

    The Bottom Line

    Now you know what awaits you when you want to get your maiden name back. It may seem that it is very difficult. But believe, it is no more complicated than a divorce process.

    The best moment for this is the beginning of a divorce, so you will not create problems for yourself in the future and solve all these issues in one fell swoop. So if you seriously decided to change the spouse’s name to the maiden one, then do not delay this process. Start resolving all issues at once!


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