The belief in gardening being a hobby for the oldest is slowly but confidently disappearing into the history books. With natural disasters and global warming, staying environmentally aware is no longer a choice but a necessity. More schools and colleges are making gardens a part of their educational surroundings. Why so? Check the article below.
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Reason #1: Gardening Teaches Time Management 

There are rooftop or on-the-ground greenhouses to choose from. Anyway, you acquire organization skills and responsibility in a natural way (pun intended). 

Sometimes gardening is a part of classes. But most often, you’ll plant trees or grow veggies as an extracurricular activity. Like any other activity, gardening takes time. Yet, one must learn to manage their hours. 

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Reason #2: Builds Up the Community Spirit

No, that doesn’t mean you’ll be allowed to ask your groupmates ‘can you do my homework’ and skip the classes. When people are united by the same cause, they learn cooperation and mutual respect. By planting trees and caring about them throughout the year, students learn responsibility as a part of a team. 

Sometimes, a schedule is involved. Once you forget to climb up to the roof and water that orange tree, you let the whole group down. Again, it’s all about common responsibility that lets the community function.

Reason #3: Teaches Nutrition and ‘Green’ Consumption 

Twenty-first century students are fussy eaters. Unfortunately, their food choices are not the healthiest ones. A cappuccino in the morning and pizza in the evening is a quick and direct path to gastrointestinal problems. 

But how can gardening improve your health and teach you ‘green’ consumption?

  • Once you taste organic fruits and veggies, you’d want to skip that plastic-tasting and colorless supermarket food;
  • Planting trees might inspire you to grow veggies on your own balcony;
  • With fruits in hand and healthy recipes in mind, you’ll get healthy snacks and whole meals.

As you see, gardening solves your health problems and teaches ‘green’ consumption in a few steps.

Reason #4: Increases Environmental Awareness

  • First of all, you learn about food waste. The United States wastes up to 150 billion pounds of products each year. What makes it worse is the perfect edibility of the products thrown away. Did you know that 40% of the produced food ends up in the trash can? And yes, you are a part of the problem too. 
  • Secondly, it’s all about the plastic. Once you see the blossoming beauty in reality, you’ll litter less. Just imagine what a plastic container does to the ecosystem. Next time, you’d better recycle that yogurt bottle;
  • Thirdly, you’ll see yourself as a part of the ecosystem. A human is not the center of the Universe but simply an element of the bigger picture. And if it weren’t for other elements like trees that give you oxygen, you’d hardly be alive and breathing.

Reason #5: Teaches Respect for People Involved in the Food-Growing Business

Unfortunately, the modern education system sits on the side of theoretical sciences. Meanwhile, practical sciences are left behind. In the end, people who have studied Science or Literature are unreasonably snobbish towards others. For example, towards everyone who studied Mechanical Engineering or Hairdressing. 

  • Gardeners create beautiful landscapes everyone enjoys, whether in public or private spaces;
  • The trees planted by gardeners give us fresh air, which is beneficial for the health of our lungs;
  • Gardeners clean parks by taking the garbage away;
  • Some gardeners distribute the plastic they’ve found to the recycling companies.

The gardener’s labor is as important for society as the work of a scientist or an artist is. Once you are in the gardener’s shoes (pun intended), you’d no longer think the skilled work is beneath your dignity. 

Reason #6: Students Spend More Time Outside

When was the last time you left the laptop on a couch and went out for a walk? Gardening classes allow it. No punishment involved. While being a part of the gardening team, you work in the fresh air and catch that sunlight one misses in classrooms. 

You can also take long walks during college breaks if the trees grow around the college. Just imagine the beauty of blossoming trees in spring and the colors of leaves in autumn. While inhaling oxygen produced by trees, you also enjoy the world around you. Isn’t it a win-win arrangement? 

Reason #7: More Physical Activity

A sedentary lifestyle is a ticking bomb. Your body is perfectly healthy today, but the true damage will show itself decades later. To avoid bone and muscle problems, add daily activities. It doesn’t have to be a full-format gym training. Gardening would be enough.

  • You breath fresh air;
  • All those rakes and spades improve your cardio fitness;
  • By moving heavier objects like seedlings, you increase your strength level;
  • Physical activity produces endorphins. As a result, you’re fit and happy. Oh, and you breathe the fresh oxygen; let’s not forget the trees you’ve planted.

Reason #8: Restores Student’s Mental Balance

One of the top-rated issues of the Millennial generation is mental health. Never had a generation spoken about depression and suicide so loudly before. Which is great, since public awareness about mental health fights against stigmatization.

Nowadays, you’ll learn more tips about staying mentally healthy than ever. One of such tips is finding a relaxing hobby. Why not try gardening as an option?

  • Gardening teaches you patience. It would take years (literally) for your newly planted tree to mature;
  • You’ve got a chance to observe the result of your labor. Next year, you’ll see how the tree changes its colors and grows a lush crown;
  • You’ll have a spot for meditation.

Final Thoughts

We believe that in a few years, gardening will be among the top Millennial hobbies. And it’s not a surprise at all. By planting trees and veggies, one grows food that nourishes both mind and body. You can add the green stuff to your cooking and enjoy the growing beauty for years. In the end, connecting with nature is one of the healthiest habits to restore your mental health and give you peace.


Shashank Jain, founder of good-name, a young and energetic entrepreneur has always been fond of technology. His liking for technology made him go for engineering in computers. During his studies, he learned & worked on different computer languages & OS including HBCD, Linux, etc. He also has a keen interest in ethical hacking.

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