Gaining Popularity On Facebook: Tips And Tricks

    Gaining Popularity On Facebook: Tips And Tricks
    Gaining Popularity On Facebook: Tips And Tricks

    If you are wondering how to gain popularity on Facebook, you have come to the right place?

    Do you think that your lifestyle could be appealing to other people and want to become an influencer?

    Do you think that the product or service you provide is in demand and want to create an online shop on this platform?

    Either way, here are some tips and tricks for you:

    1.    Create an appealing public page

    The first thing you need to do when you decide to create an appealing public page dedicated to whatever your goal is. If you already have a page, don’t hesitate to change some things to make it more attractive to your target audience. If people notice this change, they will be even more impressed with the progress you have made.

    Since your profile and cover picture make the first impression on your potential followers, they have to capture what your page is really about. For example, if you are a fashion or beauty influencer, the photos could be either you dressed up in front of some cool background or a nice shot of your clothes and make-up. In addition to this, just like any other social platform, Facebook gives you a chance to write a bio. Use this to tell people what kind of content they should expect from you.

    Your profile picture, cover picture, and bio should be creating an aesthetic personality.

    2.     Use other social networks for promotion

    In the 21st century, you can’t be successful on one social media platform without promoting yourself on other social networks. Use Instagram, Twitter, or Youtube to encourage people to like your Facebook page. The more social networks you use, the better are your chances of expanding your reach. Sometimes make announcements on those platforms so that more people see your content.

    3.  Post consistently

    Consistency is key to gaining popularity on any online platform because when people follow you and invest in you, they would like to get consistent content out of you. To avoid providing posting four times a week and then disappearing, make a schedule, and stick to it! Post every day, sometimes even several times a day, so that your followers don’t forget why they followed you in the first place. Apart from consistency, 

    providing high-quality content is a game-changer.

    Don’t post pictures after you take them right away and spend some time editing them and writing captions.

    4. Encourage interaction

    Your posts should be encouraging people for interaction, like likes and comments. To achieve this, try creating interesting and informative captions. Ask them relevant questions at the beginning of the post, so even if they don’t read it till the end, they might still want to answer your question. In addition to this, answer comments from your Facebook community, thank them for their positive feedback and answer any question that they might have. 

    The more you interact with your audience, the more the algorithm is in your favor.

    For boosting your reach, ask your followers to tag you in some of their posts. For example, if you are a beauty blogger and your specialty is make-up, ask your audience to do fancy make-up and take a picture. When they upload a picture on Facebook, they should tag your page. If you make a contest out of it and establish a prize for the winner, you’ll be surprised how many people would want to participate in it.

    5. Don’t give up

    Even if your page isn’t growing as fast as you thought in the beginning, don’t give up. Remember that people see hundreds of pages every day, so it’s quite hard to stand out. Instead of worrying about not being successful yet, spend time on improving your marketing and branding strategies. And what’s more important is to be patient because your time will come! But if you like to get there faster, you can always buy a set amount of likes from real people. Many people do this to add their page more social credibility and make it look more attractive to potential followers. 

    1.  Analyze your audience

    If you don’t know your audience, you can’t offer them the content they desire. That’s why analyzing your audience is an essential part of becoming popular on Facebook. Since Facebook provides free analytics tools for pages, you can see which posts were the most popular and got your maximum reach, which was not so successful without paying any money.

    Analytics is vital since you can change your marketing strategy once you know what doesn’t work. For example, if long vlog-type videos don’t get you much interaction, you can stop wasting your time on them and instead make a short, informative video that gets straight to the point.

    In addition to this, analytics tools also provide information and the gender and demography of your audience.

    The more you know your audience, the better content you can provide.

    For example, you thought that your page was only popular among women, and you only addressed women in your captions, but Facebook Analytics showed that quite many men visit your page, you can start addressing both men and women.

    These tips and tricks will help you become popular and successful on one of the biggest social platforms in the world.


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