Do You Know the Best Game Night Party Ideas?


    Entertaining guests at your home or apartment is one of the best feelings, as you get to share your living space with the people that you love.

    One of the most enjoyable ways to spend time with friends or family is by hosting a game night.

    Whether most of your friends are single, couples, or have families, they can spare a few hours every month to take part in various board games and exciting activities.

    Below are the top five games to try during a night in with your friends or family. One or more of these games could become your circle’s “go-to” game for the foreseeable future.

    1. Settlers of Catan

    If your friends are extremely enthusiastic about board games, Settlers of Catan is a great way to engage with them during game night. The goal of this game is to create settlements, cities, and other structures throughout the board.

    You can set up the game with each person playing individually, or you can create teams of two or three people. There are different resources within the game, such as bricks, ores, and grains, which players use to create structures and set up civilizations.

    When a decent amount of building is complete, players can choose to add a robber element into Settlers of Catan. Such an element means that players can steal resources from each other, or block the growth of resources within specific settlements.

    2. Cards Against Humanity

    Unlike most of the games your friends may have played in the past, Cards Against Humanity is a thrilling adventure. You can buy different card bundles, depending on the themes or topics that you may find the most interesting.

    Cards Against Humanity is a lot of fun during a game night, as the goal of the game is to put out the funniest response to a statement. Each player gets a series of cards, and they must use those cards during the various rounds to answer the prompt. Whoever has the funniest response, as chosen by the one player who is reading out the prompt for that round, is the winner.

    3. Texas Hold’em

    One of the most popular card games in the world, Texas Hold’em Poker is the ideal way to kick off any game night. If everyone in your group knows how to play, you can even add a gambling element to the game.

    Ask each person who attends game night to chip in $20 or $40. Such an amount is modest for most people, which means they will not think twice about throwing in some money into the total pot. Adding a financial element to the game will make your Texas Hold’em experience so much more exciting.

    Everyone ups the ante when they are playing for money. If you have ten guests at game night, one person could walk away with $200 or $400, depending on how much each guest put into the pot.

    Texas Hold’em is also an easy game to learn, and you can allow guests to use their phones to look up various card combinations if they ever experience any confusion during a round of play.

    4. Bingo

    Bingo may not be the most mentally challenging game on this list, but it can often be specifically what your game night needs. There is a period during every game night where people are slightly tired.

    Perhaps you got through an intense game of Texas Hold’em, or Cards Against Humanity created some tension among the guests. Bingo is a wonderful way to bring everyone together to enjoy each other’s company and the event.

    You can even spice up the game by adding a drinking element. If your group agrees, each time someone puts a token on their bingo card, they have to drink a certain amount of the beverage in front of them. If someone gets bingo, they have to finish their drink and get a new one.

    5. Hunt a Killer

    If you have a lot of true-crime fans among your circle of friends, playing Hunt a Killer may be a great way to start off a game night. The game is part of a subscription box, where you receive a specific fictional crime and various clues to get you going.

    The goal of Hunt a Killer is to use the various materials they send, such as letters, police notes, and other details, to solve the crime. You can set the game up as each person trying to become the first to find the correct answer, or you can divide up your game night into two or three teams.

    An exciting aspect of Hunt a Killer is that you receive a single box each month to your doorstep for a total of six months. You will eventually solve the crime with the final box. If you want to solve everything within a few game nights, you can even ask for all six boxes to come to your home in one go.

    Impress Your Friends and Family

    If you recently moved to a new house or apartment, or are now living in a different city, you may want to engage with friends and family in the area. One of the least stressful ways to host a gathering is by hosting a game night.

    People can bring drinks and snacks, while you can set out a spread of goodies in your kitchen as well. Such events can be held indoors, while you can even host your game night on the patio if the weather permits.

    By choosing the best board and card games for the night, you can ensure everyone who comes has a great time. All your friends and family will admire you for hosting such a successful evening, and you could even be at the start of a new tradition.


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