Four Advantages of Becoming a Sustainable Business

The world we live in today is technically developed, but at the same time, we are also causing immense harm to the environment. All the things that give us comfort in our daily lives are doing so at the cost of our environment. The HVAC systems that we use, the big and fast cars we commute in, and many such products of our daily use come at a high cost of harming mother nature.

A big chunk of this environmental harm comes through various organizations and businesses. The enormous corporate offices or the humongous manufacturing facilities are all doing considerable damage to the planet. 

Going sustainable is not only the CSR (corporate social responsibility) part of every business, but it also brings about many other benefits for these organizations. It helps save costs, improve the brand’s image, and increase employee productivity, to name a few.

Perhaps this is why most market leaders like Google, Apple, or Tesla are now adopting and executing more sustainable practices in their workspaces and among their workforce. Going sustainable has almost become a trend for most businesses out there, and it is evident from an immense increase in the demand for various digital tools.

Investing in a good LMS or learning tool for giving sustainable training to your workforce is a good option. Check out VelocityEHS to get one of the best digital tools for providing training on sustainable practices to your employees. These LMS and tools pave the way for making your business sustainable by making it less challenging to train your workforce and making them aware of adopting sustainable practices in daily operations.

Although each organization has reasons and intentions for being more green and sustainable, here are some benefits of turning into a more sustainable business.

Improved Brand and Increased Competitive Advantage

Knowing that an organization is aware of its effect on the climate and society makes the consumers connect with it. Hence, they become more likely to purchase their product or services. Customers are keener on aligning their own set of personal values to the brands they use. If the customers know that organizations are aware of their effect on society and the climate, it decidedly impacts their rebuying behavior. 

As indicated by the BBMG Conscious Consumer Report, almost nine of every ten Americans say the words “conscious consumer” depict them well and are bound to purchase from organizations that make energy-efficient items (90%), promote wellbeing and security benefits (88%), support fair labor work and focus on eco-friendly practices (87%), of course, if the costs are same.

Increased Productivity and Lower Costs. By advancing more sustainable business approaches, productivity in activities will increase. With better utilization and conservation of assets, operations will get streamlined, and costs will diminish.

Improvement in Financial and Investment Opportunity

Many financial and investment experts have perceived organizations who have created and adopted sustainability plans concerning energy productivity and reduced environmental effect as a significant evaluator standard. As per the U.S. Reasonable, Responsible, and Impact Investing Trends report, the market size of sustainable, mindful, and impact investing in the U.S. in 2016 was $8.72 trillion, or one-fifth of all ventures under professional management.

Less Carbon Risk and Improve Energy Efficiency

In the Allianz Risk Barometer report on ‘The Top 10 Business Risks,’ they feature expansion in normal disasters(because of environmental change), disturbing business as one of the top four business hazards. The U.S. is the second-largest carbon contributor in the world, after China. So, a key advantage of turning into a green business is decreasing an organization’s carbon yield and further developing energy efficiency.

Increment Employee Retention and Recruitment

Professionals like to work with organizations that are ‘ doing the right thing’ and are proactive with environmental and social projects. In the report Advancing Sustainability: HR’s Role by the Society for Human Resource Management, organizations with sustainability programs report 55% better employee morale, 43% more efficient business processes, and 38% superior worker dependability.


Going sustainable in today’s world is not only about ethics or morality and has numerous financial, marketing, productivity, and safety benefits. So, choosing a sustainable business model is sure to help your company grow at a better place and have a better brand image too. You can train your employees, switch to sustainable vendors, make your workspaces sustainable, and do many things to make your business sustainable. So, don’t wait, and transform your business into a sustainable one to grow, earn, and be more.

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