Fashion Tips for Wearing Sandals


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Today, open-toed footwear is not only limited to the gym or the beach, as it is now acceptable in the city as much as in those places. How you wear your sandals depends on the style you want to achieve for the day. Sandals come in many forms; there are sports sandals, every day flats, flip tops, etc. For example, if you are looking for something stylish, casual, and comfortable, all in one, Birkenstock is always popular. But, as these sandals are getting increasingly popular, the challenge to wear them right becomes higher as well. 

So, how do you wear your sandals with the clothes you have in your wardrobe?

With a T-shirt and Chinos

A simple outfit, consisting of a t-shirt and chinos, can become more interesting if you add sandals to your getup. Pick a colour for your outfit, including the footwear and see how useful the sandals are to your chinos and top. Greys, browns, black, and other earthy tones will give you a confident, man-of-the-world appeal. Also, leather sandals would look great on cropped chinos and a tucked-in t-shirt.  

With Jeans

The good thing about sandals is you do not have to buy a new set of wardrobes to be able to wear them. You can find pieces in your wardrobe that are possible to pair with your sandals, for example, jeans. If done right, denim and sandals will make a striking combination.

With Suit Separates

You can pull off an outfit that consists of suit separates and sandals, but there are some rules to follow. The first one is not to wear socks, particularly white ones. Do not wear sandals that are too casual to pair with suit separates. Instead, choose a pair of navy or black sandals, and they will be perfect with your lapels. 

For your suit separates, opt for dark-coloured trousers, keeping a clean line as they match your sandals. For your top, choose a white grandad collar shirt and a neutral blazer. The result is impressive smart-casual attire. 

With Tailored Trousers

This outfit consists of trousers with a slightly wider leg and tapered down to the ankle. The trousers should be a couple of inches above your sandals of choice. Go for chunky brown or leather sandals. This look is leaning towards formal, although not for office wear. However, you will get a smart-casual vibe, especially if you complete it with a Cuban collar shirt. 

With Shorts

Fashions come and go, and sandals sort of resurrected from the dead and dominate the fashion industry in their own way. While wearing shorts and sandals during a holiday vacation comes naturally, you may need to take a bit more thought about this outfit once you are back at home and the city. You can tone down this look by opting for tonality. Therefore, choose a well-cut shirt, tailored shorts, and sandals in mute colours. 
Once in a while, your feet would appreciate a breather, and not only during vacation. If you are looking for a new pair of sandals like a Birkenstock to add to your collection at home, you have a range of colours to choose from. Make sure the sandals you are going to wear on your next getup will fit the surroundings. After all, many popular finishes can complement any attire and accessories perfectly.

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